Volkswagen VW Polo 2, Bj 84

Volkswagen VW Polo 275-HP motor out and G40 block in – it's like a vitamin regimen from within! And on the outside, the orange-colored paint ensures fruity fun. This is how Markus Steege defines polo power at its best.

Satte 113 PS at 6.000 The G40 creates tours. Donnerknispel, so the Polo rushes off like the wild pig! “Damage, that the engine compartment is so small”, Markus regrets the limited possibilities for brutal tuning – although there is really nothing to complain about in terms of performance! At “full of stuff” the speedometer needle crawls up to the 200 km / h mark, Sound-wise, properly accompanied by the sonorous RSL 8o mm tube. A great performance, which, however, also brought onto the street or. wants to be kept in check! This is why the best G40 technology is used here too: Rear axle, Struts, Wishbones, Stabilizers and brakes. Also equipped with inter-alloy springs and yellow cones, the ground clearance of the power polo has been reduced by a full 80 mm v+h.

That there is more under the sheet metal than the standard 75 hp engine, suggests the modified apron, behind which the intercooler is hidden. One-arm wiper, the grill, freed from the VW emblem, and bumpers painted in the vehicle color optimize the ambitious sporty look of the front. Speaking of color: The power polo shines with a perfect complete paint job in summer orange (Toyota). Golf-i wheel arches attached to the rear and the front around each 20 mm drawn fenders create space for the flashing Ronal”Racing”-rims (7 x13 ET20 from and 7,5 x 13 ET8 rear) with their Dunlop-SP-2000-Schuffen (175/50/13 v+h).

Type: Polo 2 Coupe • Year of manufacture: 1984 • Motor: G40-Motor, power 113 PS at 6000 Rpm • Exhaust: G40 system with 80 mm RSL rear silencer • Body: Golf 1 rear wheel arches, front wheel arches around each 20 mm pulled, painted bumpers and wheel arches • Painting: Toyota Summer Orange • Chassis: Rear axle, Struts, Stabilizers and wishbones from the G40, z.T. chrome plated, Inter-alloy springs, Koni yellow damper, minus 80 mm v+h 2 x 10mm rear spacers • Brakes: G40 v + h • Wheels / tires: Ronal 7×13 ET20 front and 7,5 x 13 ET8 rear with Dunlop SP 2000 175/50/13 v+h •Interieur: Golf 1 convertible seats, 32he raid steering wheel, Chromed Wiechers bracket

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