Volkswagen Golf 4 ’98

Volkswagen Golf 4 '98A “Trademark” The three seats in his cars are from Rüdiger Lührs. That was the case in the past, and that should be the same with his golf 4 do not change. Whereby the Recaro seating for the third passenger shouldn't be everything…

Loyal VW Scene readers will remember – as “little quadruplet” the Lührs’sche Golf presented itself as one of the first tuned of its generation. Rüdiger and Tanja won trophies for this at various meetings. And yet there had to be more to it, after all, the competition never sleeps. In addition, more and more tuners made the foursome. They should – “off the shelf” doesn't exist for the stone setter from Scheeßel anyway. The beginning (the second construction phase) made the single seat in the rear. To do this, the hi-fi system had to be rearranged again. On the occasion, Rüdiger changed the sound equipment again.
However, assembling the Recaro was more problematic. The hobby mechanics had to remove the original console, make a new one, until the third man in the back of the car could make himself comfortable. Surrounded by ten square meters of MDF wood, five square feet of Rockford fabric, half a liter of paint and several meters of cable - naturally neatly shaped - he can enjoy the ride, TÜV-tested. Now it was time for the rest of the interior. “Manager” was the motto, and so the cowhide also spans the front Recaro seats, the gear knob and the door panels. Sounds easy enough, but it wasn't. “There were no suitable door panels for manual window regulators, and so we first had to have one made by Recaro”, Tanja remembers. A bit of burl adds the finishing touch to the matter, The woodworking culminated in the new construction of the center console. Two small spotlights on the C-pillar put the entire interior in the right light.

Volkswagen Golf 4 '98 2When the interior was finished, the outer facade should be revised. First, the Lührs company exchanged the headlights and taillights for darkened ones. The children's room in the (bricked) four walls mutated into development in the following weeks- and research department. In painstaking detail, the front apron should be given the popular RS-2 look. Of the “other”, The radiator grille, which had already been worked on, had its day, a new one was brought into shape. And if you already have short license plates, you want to present them accordingly. So it went to the stern stopper on the too wide cutout. The nursery sank into chaos, instead, the Golf gradually shone in new splendor in Wer Garage. An RH threaded chassis ensures the down-to-earth appearance. The Color Tuning company assembled the rims just in time, so to speak, in front of the '99 VW Forum in Castrop-Rauxel. 9J x 18 or. 10,5J x 18 measure the tracer wheels, with 225/40 and 255/35 (h) are equipped.
In the new outfit, it finally went into the second season of the foursome. Often enough, the viewers crept around the car and stopped at the latest when they saw the tailgate – the airbrush looks familiar? Correct, it is from the first phase of construction. Will it survive the next step?, remains to be seen. In any case, the front will no longer be recognizable – the Bora sends its regards…

Volkswagen Golf 4 '98 3Type: Golf 4, Year of manufacture '98 • Engine: 1,6 I, Airbrush on engine cover • Power: “sufficient” • Exhaust system: Jetex • landing gear: RH coilover kit • Lowering: “sufficient” • Brakes: original • front wheels: Tracer Wheels 9J x 18 • Rear wheels: Tracer Wheels 10,5J x 18 • Front tires: Dunlop 225/40 ZR18 • Rear tire: Thin-lop 225/35 ZR 18 • Body: without emblems, Nowak-Spoiler, Valeo headlights, Hella rear lights, Changed front, Rear license plate recess reduced • Interior: Leather interior including the three (!) Recaro seats, Root wood, Checkered plate floor mats, Rear extension • HiFi: Sony-Radio, Rockford-Fosgate-Amplifier, Cerwin-Vega-Boxen, Rockford-Punch-Woofer (1 x 30 cm, 2×20 cm)

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