Renault Twingo, Bj. 96

Renault Twingo, Bj. 96“Twingo – I think it's good!” The little Frenchman quickly drove himself into the hearts of motorists. But that's enough for most Twingo pilots, Stefan Corso is far from satisfied. “The Twingo is a good car – but good is not good enough with.” What bothers the 21 year old most, is the cross-brave mild-ex-works look of the Renault. But Stefan prefers one of the wild kind. His French should come in a really cheeky outfit. He achieved the slightly different appearance of the Twingo primarily with a red and black paintwork. “I want my car to attract attention. A plain-colored paint job is therefore too boring for me – After all, everyone has that!” body, Inside- and engine compartment are provided with the colored contrast. Black-tinted rear windows and three vertical black stripes at the rear also underline the effective effect. In combination with the Clio front spoiler, Headlight covers and white turn signals as well as red lamps in the back wafts the French a touch of sportiness. In the interior, of course, the racing atmosphere is not an illusion. Bucket seats, Schroth belts, A 32 mm Momo and aluminum pedals leave little to be desired here.

Renault Twingo, Bj. 96 1At the rear, an exhaust cover with a 98 mm opening then promises more power, than the Twingo actually has to offer. In fact, the little one doesn't spit big sounds – but the optics benefit considerably from the deception maneuver. And that's what matters to Stefan in this case! Lowering by means of Eibach springs (45 mm/ 40 mm v/h tiefer) and a widening of the track 7 mm / 12 mm v / h further contribute to the respectable look of the Kampf-Knubbels. 7 x 13 wheels from Fun Company, that go well with the look of the Twingo, finally perfect the defiant appearance of the piste dwarf. There is more horsepower for the future, Body widening and a driver cage at the top of the wish list. And only when the engine power has been increased for the outfit, the transformation of the Twingo into a racing roll will be perfect. At the moment, the car mechanic lacks the money for larger projects, but – as you can see – Fortunately, Stefan doesn't lack ideas for more driving fun!

Renault Twingo, Bj. 96
Motor: Exhaust cover with 98 mm opening. Attachments painted in red and black
body: Paintwork in red and black, Front spoiler from the Renault Clio, Headlight covers, white indicators in the front and red lights in the back
inner space: 32is Momo, tinted rear windows, Aluminum pedals, Bucket seats, Schroth belts, Interior painted in red and black, JVC radio with 12-disc CD changer, Concord-4050-End-stufe, Magnat boxes and ACR subwoofers
landing gear: Eibach springs, 45 mm/40 mm v/h tiefer, Track widening with spacers 7 mm/12 mm v/h
Wheels / tires: Fun Company in 7 x 13 v/h mit 175/50er Dun lop SP 2000 front and 175/50 Pirelli P77 rear

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