Volkswagen Bulli T1

Volkswagen Bulli T1Questions about the meeting? Need a little help? When the Volkswagen Historical Club (Swedish club for historic VW) is on site, no problem! The club bus with a high roof shows the way to the helpful Swedes.

The idea for the “air cooled lighthouse” came from Per K√§rsell. “We kept observing things at meetings, that the visitors had no right place to go for their questions. Information stands were always available, but nobody knew, Where”, said the chairman of the club. When he discovered the 65 bus in the halls of a collector friend in Stockholm, revealed itself “Philosopher's Stone” in the towering silhouette of the Bullis.

Volkswagen Bulli T1 1The next club meeting led to the purchase decision. Today every member can consider themselves to be a co-owner of the vehicle. Great thing, even if the property is only on 1/1000 T2 limited. The Club Bulli with a high roof (officially: High-volume box van) is easy to spot at any meeting, the maxim applies to any questions: “Follow the roof!” And not just in Sweden. The bus serves as a meeting point, for self-promotion, as Info-Stand, mobile office and sales point for club souvenirs.

The current purpose of use runs like a thread through the history of the bus. 1965 the Ti rolled off the production line in Hanover directly into the possession of the City of Stockholm. Painted in the colors of the Swedish banner – From then on, it served as a tourist information center with a blue hull and a yellow roof. Originally, two large loudspeakers were mounted on the cab. They were used as acoustic advertising drums. The side flap with the plastic curtains, on the other hand, is still original and fulfills its purpose today as it was then – it protects the bus occupants from the wind, Cold and rain. The second owner also used the eye-catching vehicle for advertising purposes, the bus received its current livery in the company colors. The company went bankrupt, and the Bulli changed hands again. Per Hallberg, known as a collector of historic VW, used the bus as that, than what it was intended by Volkswagen – as a transporter.

The Volkswagenhistoriska Klubben released the Ti from this lot seven years ago. True to the club's maxim, the 65 bus has also been left in its original condition as far as possible. You have now done in the stern 34 Years with the 1500 cc machine 44 Horsepower their service. 130.000 Walked kilometers and still on breath.

Except for the exterior mirrors and the rear- and front lights, every part deserves the title “Original”.

The Volkswagen-historiska Klubben will continue to promote the preservation of the old VW in its original state. For their part, the members will do everything possible for their cars. That they aim high with this goal, Last but not least, proves the extraordinary club vehicle. Still questions on the subject? No problem, just follow the bus. It leads to the helpful Swedes.

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