Honda Integra Type R from Nippon autosport

Honda Integra Type R JapaneseMake a sporty car even sportier, This is the philosophy of the new Nippon autosport individual program for the Honda Integra Type R.. The Honda tuner “lost” the Integra a specially developed 17-inch wheel-tire combination, which can be mounted on the body without major modifications. The 8 Inch wide cross-spoke wheels are optional in one- or multi-part design
available and with ContiSport-Contact in the dimension 225/35 ZR 17 fully equipped (Complete wheel set from 4.200 DM). To improve the look and handling of the Honda, Nippon autosport offers two suspension solutions: The set of springs (310 DM) sets the integra 30 mm deeper. To significantly improve the sports qualities of the car, the tuner offers a coilover kit (1.890 DM), which is adjustable in height and damping. In addition, the technicians developed a rear silencer made entirely of stainless steel, which optimizes the power output. The muffler also emphasizes 2 x 76 mm tailpipes in the DTM look the athletic outfit of the Honda and at the same time helps the two-door model with a more exciting background noise. Nippon autosport supplies all parts with a TUV certificate; sales in Germany are carried out by Honda dealers.

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