93is an Opel Vectra A V6

93is an Opel Vectra A V6Michael's Vectra A with Borbet A and a dash of Mercedes paint is safely on the floor with all four wheels. It was with that “A” rather coincidence – Michael Wotzko has already driven the streets around Dinslaken in various VWs, after a few trips with an American (“the one from the Werner book”) the wallet capitulated, an omega followed. In September 1996 the process mechanic was then offered the 93 Vectra A with a V6 engine. “Why not?” thought Michael and grabbed it.
The drive was a fine thing, the “Rembrandt silver” (or was it called “Pensioner silver”?) couldn't really convince. But first of all, the new owner devoted himself to the technical refinements. So the sextet now breathes through a K.&N air filter and a shortened one, but a widened intake tract. Four slots in the right fender facilitate the oxygen supply, a little corrugated sheet metal here and there intensifies the look in the engine compartment. You exhale through the Ascona C pot with two 83 mm Mantzel end pipes, of course suitable for group A. DTM-Look also, with associated heat shield on the bumper! 170 PS balances the 2.5-liter six-pack on a Sachs racing clutch, which transfers the load to the standard 5-speed gearbox. To the H&R-wedge chassis (60 mm v/50 mm h) to be able to bring to bear appropriately, of course the correct rims had to be mounted. Michael found the design from Borbet “A” great and got four of them in 9J x 16 AND 15. But so that the good 215/40 tires don't rub their rubber on the wheel arches, the Dinslakener had to widen the front fenders by three centimeters. At the back two of them were enough.
So slowly the Vectra got big and mean. The “Number of the beast” 666 was already on the license plate, the appropriate evil look followed. To be able to unlock the hood, before the Jamex powerlifts lift them, the opening lever had to be extended.
At some point it was finally the turn of the paint job. So as not to get embarrassed, that at some point he'll have to park next to a car of the same color, Michael mixed his own creation. Mercedes lapis blue with a touch of maritime blue, the whole thing stirred and shaken, was after all to his liking. After the drying time, there were red and black taillights, a Steinmetz tank cap and a little carbon look for the door handles, and then it could go to the inner workings of the trunk.
A few were enough here (Dare-)Splash of color, Aluminum footrests and pedals as well as a sporty, small 30 cm steering wheel from Momo. As a candy, this received a lotus horn button. A Panasonic radio ensures good sound in the Vectra, but not without the help of a DLS Class A end stage (which brings us back to the topic) and the subwoofer with a handy 38 cm diameter. With so much “A”Of course, special attention must be paid to the chassis. Michael is already planning a widening of the track 10 to 20 mm. And then there's the one-a-line wiper on top of that!

93is an Opel Vectra A V6 1Opel Vectra A, Bj. 93
Motor: 2498-ccm-V6 / 170 PS, shortened and wider suction path, K&N-Air filter, As-cona-C muffler (Mantzel Group A) with two 83 mm tailpipes

body: Air vents in the right fender, Bonnet extension, Wheel arches 3/2 cm weighted (v/h), red and black taillights

inner space: Aluminum footrest and pedals, Interior in car paint and carbon look, Momo steering wheel, Lotus-Hupenknopf, Panasonic radio with DLS Class A power amplifier, 38-cm-Subwoofer
landing gear: H&R springs (pressed), Ko-ni damper red, Lowering 60/50 mm (v/h)
Wheels / tires:
Borbet A 9J x 16 AND 15 With 215/40 ZR 16

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