Honda CRX AS Bj.1987

honda-crxThis is one of the reasons why the 87 model is in such top form, because to him the two Wuppertal 1996 have ordered a complete rebuild. “The car was completely dismantled, without motor and wiring harness”, remembers Jörg. The main focus of the restoration was the preservation of the vehicle. “The CRX is really successful, a beautiful car”, thinks Manuela, and so the two members of the CRX Club Bergisches Land limited themselves to subtle optical modifications.

crx-hondaAll model names were removed and the holes carefully welded. Schneider rear apron and Style-Auto rear wing emphasize the sleek lines of the car, which also comes with black-tinted indicator glasses and a windshield with a blue wedge. Body extensions? Manuela and Jörg consciously renounced them; they left it with flanged wheel arches. But the complete painting (Incl. Rearview mirror and spoiler lip) in a striking Kawasaki green turns the CRX into an absolute eye-catcher. But who could be indifferent to this sight!? “In any case, insects love our cars. They rush like crazy on the bright green Honda”, laughs Jörg. The CRX is anything but a dreamy wallflower. This restoration also included a thorough engine overhaul at the time. On the occasion, the two CRX fans had the cylinder head revised. However, the Herold racing exhaust with racing catalytic converter and EE Group A muffler provides the power plus. The 1,600 cc propellant is impressive 140 Horsepower, the Honda with 230 Peppering km / h across the streets. The signal-colored body rests on a special chassis, which the CRX-Club had built in cooperation with Koni. A lowering of 40 mm at the front and rear, in combination with a Koni torsion bar and 20 mm spacer discs, guarantees a crisp, firm road holding. The ingenious Ronal appear as if made for the Kawasaki green “Shiny”-rims (7×15 front and 7×13 back), on the Manuela and Jörg Goodyear Eagle Fl tires (195/50/15 front and back) have pulled. The occupants make themselves comfortable in König full bowls – “With orthopedic support”, notes Jörg -, there must be so much luxury. It is controlled via a 32 mm Momo steering wheel. Electric windows, Ronsdorf custom-fit car carpets and a leather gear knob create cozy comfort, while Schroth H-belts, which were attached under the tailgate, help improve passive safety. Last but not least, a clock placed in the air conditioning shaft provides information about the oil temperature. “We don't need an elaborate car hi-fi”, explains Manuela, “the exhaust has anyway’ a better sound.” How true, how true, because when the Honda starts right, trembles the Bergisches Land.

87is CRX Typ AS
Motor: 1600 -ccm-Block, revised cylinder head. power: 140 PS. Top-Speed: 230 km / h.
Exhaust: Herold racing exhaust with racing catalytic converter and EE group A muffler, Double pipe, 2 x 65 mm.
body: 1996 completely rebuilt. Schneider rear apron, Style-auto-to-rear wing, black tinted indicators. Emblems removed, all holes welded. Spoiler lip and rearview mirror painted in body color, Windshield with blue wedge. Flanged wheel arches. Front strut bar.
Painting: Kawasaki green.
landing gear: Koni-Brune landing gear, minus 40 mm v+h, Koni torsion bar. 20-mm spacers all around.
Wheels / tires: Ronal “Shiny” 7×15 front and 7×13 back with Goodyear Eagle Fl 195/50/15 v+h.
inner space: König full shells with orthopedic support. 32is Momo-Lenk-raa, electric windows, Ronsdorf custom-fit car carpets, Oil temperature display in the air conditioning duct, Leather switch, Schroth H belts.

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