Volkswagen Golf 4

Volkswagen Golf 4White is out? Harald Schübel from Markt red witz also thought that until recently, according to his own statements. But now he likes his '98 Golf TDI, which he was able to take over from a Hof forwarding company, better and better. On it “to blame ”are some tuning measures. So springs from H&R the car around 40 mm from, the series wheels were replaced by Borbet T rims in 8J or. 9.5J x 17 exchanged, alle Kunststoffteile in Wagenfarbe lackiert und rot/schwarze Rückleuchten verbaut. Clear thing: So ist der Wagen ein deutig in! Three words from Harald in his cover letter to us too: “Keep it up!" Thank you, Thank you thank you!

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