Volkswagen Beetle 1300 Automatic ’70

Volkswagen Beetle 1300 Automatic '70Hey, our speedsters are even more popular, as we thought! Because we actually get consistently positive reactions, Here comes another elegant roadster example, directly from Scandinavia. Built for the street, not for the showroom. It sounds so simple: Saw off the roof, and you have a gaudy Beetle convertible. But there is no prize to be won. This great guy here isn't just three years of hard work, but also lively 90 Little horse, which help the roadster achieve robust performance. This turquoise dream belongs to a lucky guy from Hyggen, Norway, more precisely Endre Svendson. He invested three full years in the renovation, until the roadster with the shortened window looked like it does now. He discovered the 70s cage with automatic in summer 1986 and just paid 5000 Crowns for it. Of course, a convertible should be from the guy 1 become, Endre had that in mind when he bought it. “But it shouldn't be like that 08/15 look out, but something really special, a real roadster ", he tells. Easier said than done. The body of the i300 has been completely cleared out, so that the sandblaster could blow away any rust stains. The subsequent reconstruction took months, after all, many spots had to be trowelled.
Of course, the car should be optimally on the road later. At the front, Endre lowered the 1300 with a Sway-A-Way kit and a set of Koni dampers, in the back he took the opportunity, to snap the torsion bars differently.
The chassis was then ready. The rest of the body, however, was so perforated by the sand blaster, that the Norwegian, with a heavy heart, severed the body of a better preserved '66 Beetle. Saw off the roof, was the least part of the job. It was more difficult, to get the right momentum at the stern. To do this, the screwdriver welded part of the roof. That was the decisive trick for the round knob!

Volkswagen Beetle 1300 Automatic '70 2Now that's it, to put the structure on its wheels. Endre turned to ATS rims, on which he Pirelli P 7 let up. The front 7 ”, 9 ”wide wheels at the rear needed more space, than the bulges gave. So he widened it by up to three inches in the sheet metal. “Of course there are also fenders as fiberglass replicas ”, said is, "But I didn't want that."
During the months of work on the body, someone also took care of the engine. The boxer got on at the Kvikk service in Oslo 1678 ccm enlarged, got a 282 ° cam from Engle and had to put up with a revision of the valves. A 40 series Dell’Orto double carburetor provided the finishing touches. ”Na, it's still a good street engine now ”, grinst Change, “He just does a little more!”
Inside the guy 1 a dazzling white leather interior dominates: In addition to many homemade solutions, the two Recaro seats and the Raid steering wheel are particularly striking.
That Endre has already won several awards with his roadster, makes sense. But the trips to the weekend meetings were now almost more fun for the Norwegian than the meetings themselves. How come?

Volkswagen Beetle 1300 AutomaticType: Beetle 1300 Automatic, Construction year 1970, Boxer engine, 1678 ccm displacement, 282° -Engle-Nock, 40are Dell’Orto Doppelverga-ser, 90 HP power • Chassis: Lowering with the Sway-A-Way-Kit, Koni damper (v), Torsion bars offset (h), ATS rims, Partly painted in body color, 7 x 15” (v) and 9×15” (h) • Body: 66is Body, Separated roof, Shortened windshield, Conversion to roadster according to our own plans, widened fenders, in Spieshecker-Opel-Pastel-Turquoise (331 GN) lacquered • interior: Recaro-Le-dersitze, Raid steering wheel, a lot of own parts covered with leather, Dash and steering wheel painted in body color

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