Volkswagen Type 3 Variant, Bj. 73

Volkswagen Type 3 VariantThat guy 3 has bumblebees in her butt – there, where weekend shopping or holiday luggage and the boxer engine were once allowed to spread out, there is only space left for the drive. Because instead of the four-cylinder, a Rover V8 hums in the rear of the variant.

There, Hakan Lundgren just went all out. In its original condition, the Swede was the 73 type 3 Just too lame shortly after purchase.

“Then I thought to myself for fun, just installed an eight-cylinder – and the crazy thought never left me, until one was really inside ", he explains with a meaningful grin on his face. A look at the rear of the Variant finally gave the final impetus – there should be enough space. So Hakan got himself an Oldsmobile V8 from the early sixties. 3,5 Liter displacement should be a worthy replacement for the 1600s. Logical, that an engine suspension had to be made from scratch. The support frame is attached to a total of six points on the body and the floor assembly. Hakan also had to adapt the original flywheel first. Because he had got it into his head, Use a 1303 gearbox. Strongly reinforced, mind you. The clutch, on the other hand, almost surrendered at the mere sight of the mighty eight-cylinder. After a long search, the Swede found a suitable racing clutch at Kennedy Enterprises in the USA. Somewhat problematically designed
the accommodation of an adequate cooling system. The classic Porsche fan would do that (also water-cooled) Eight-cylinder can hardly bring the necessary refreshment. So the Swede put a Jaguar radiator in the front of the car. Several holes in the tailgate let the hot air of the engine compartment escape. Incidentally, an eight-cylinder Rover is now doing its job in the Variant rear. With 40.000 Kilometers the 3.5 liter unit was a real bargain. An Edelbrock intake manifold and the mighty Holley carburetor are of course just as important in a V8 as the exhaust with Supertrapp dampers. Hakan made the manifolds himself by hand.

Volkswagen Type 3 Variant1Due to the slightly larger and above all heavier engine, the type was 3 pretty kneeled at the back, a lowering was only necessary on the front axle by adjusting the torsion bars (well, the Swedes are just a little different…). 205/60/15-Tires on seven inch wide rims carry the load. You can hardly see their new dimension in the original bikes.

The body also remained extremely discreet. Only a few moldings and the two bumpers were removed. So the station wagon can hardly be seen from the outside, what's in him. Only the large perforated grille under the front license plate and the perforated tailgate make the viewer suspicious.

Hakan left the interior except for a sports steering wheel, Additional instruments and the Gene Berg Shifter in their original condition. It just has to be a little fun. And he has it at the latest when turning the ignition key, when a real bonfire is lit behind him by double the number of cylinders and passers-by stop in astonishment: “My old VW sounded different back then…”

Volkswagen Type 3 Variant2Halter- or. Manufacturer information
Type: 3 Variant, Bj. 73 • Motor: Rover-V8 * Displacement: 3,5 I • Exhaust system: Self-made with Supertrapp silencers • Clutch / flywheel: Machined flywheel, Kennedy Enterprises Racing Clutch • Transmission: 1303 (reinforced) • Landing gear: Front torsion bars adjusted • Front wheels & back: original, widened to 7J x 15 • Front tires & back: 205/60/15 • Others: Bumpers removed, Front cooling air inlet, Tailgate with ventilation holes • Interior: Sports steering wheel, Gene-Berg-Shifter, Additional instruments

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