Honda CRX 1,6 VTec ’94er

honda crx tuningDevilishly good or just heavenly? Sven's Honda is both, the divine outfit ensures blissful feelings of happiness and the sharp VTec for hellish driving performance.
Sven Schönleber and his friend Jens Graupner had worked on the CRX all winter long, to get the Honda ready in time for the start of the season. The effort was really worth it! At which Honda meeting the VTec also showed up, he was certain of admiring looks and enthusiastic approval.
No doubt: In the Japanese scene, Sven's dream CRX was one of the highlights of this season. It is not only the strikingly painted body that is impressive, but above all the care, with which Sven and Jens completely rebuilt the Honda. A GFK 8″-The broadening of Böhmann motorsport gives the VTec respectable beefiness. crx hondaThe hood, which is extended in sheet metal, is no less impressive. He looks really angry, the Honda – In this way, the aggressive front forms an interesting contrast to the sympathetic baby blue of the body. No more fun: As soon as Sven turns the ignition key and the VTec block reports that it is ready to turn, it’s getting serious. Up to 230 The Japanese cult coupe is fast at km / h. It is always nice to stay on the ground with the facts! Fortunately, the aero kit holds up (with F&J-Frontlippe) the 150 HP strong Honda always on course. A Group A exhaust from Idol-Motorsport serves as the exhaust system, the one in a double pipe (2 x 90 mm) flows out. The Zwickau resident chose a combination of Konis and H for the chassis&R springs; this reduces the ground clearance at the front by 70 mm and back around 50 mm. “Es ginge wohl noch ‘ne Ecke tiefer”, says Jens, “but then everyday suitability would be over.” A few millimeters more or less – what the hell? This Honda is also such a first-rate street sweeper! The attractive aluminum wheels are by no means commonplace. The matt sheen of the Kerscher Carmona rims ( 9 x 16 AND 15) harmonizes perfectly with the bright, bright blue of the body. Outside hui, inside ugh? Not with Svens CRX! Rather, the graduate engineer also has courage to use color in the interior and has given the interior yellow-red leather seats (Custom-made). Correspondingly colored parts in the interior door panels, the console and the dashboard take up the color theme again. The rear seats in yellow / red!) Make room. Sabelt-H belts and a 28 mm steering wheel (D&W) underline the sporty note of this beautiful CRX.

crx tuning‘94er Honda CRX 1,6 VTec
Motor: 1600-ccm-VTec-Block. power: 150 PS at 7.600 Rpm. Top-Speed: 230 km / h.
Exhaust: Group A (Idol Motorsport), Tailpipe 2 x 90 mm.
body: GRP widening (Böh-mann Motorsport), Engine hood extended in sheet metal. Front lip and aluminum strut bar (both F&J), One-arm wiper. Painting: RAL-Sonderlack
landing gear: Koni-Rebound, H&R-springs, front minus 70 mm, back 50 mm.
Wheels / tires: Kerscher Carmona 9 x 16 ETI 5 v + h with Dunlop SP 8000 215/40 RI 6 v+h.
inner space: Red and yellow leather covers, Rear seats removed, Sabelt-H belts, 28is D&W- steering wheel.

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