Volkswagen Polo II VW

polo2 volkswagenThe chance, the sparkling gem of “Miss Melanie the first” to introduce, of course we didn't want to miss it. Because the 91er Polo has become a classy carriage for new aristocrats. The 20 year old owes this to her friend Mathias Herford (okay, the truth is hard to bear, but the miss is taken!!!). In a year and a half's work, he turned a cured tin nipple into a shimmering jewel in Silverstone Blue. What guy could refuse this woman a wish?

The condition of the wreck - the Polo was really nothing more than two years ago – suspect nothing good when buying; the bump couldn't even drive on its own, but had to be towed away by Melanie and Mathias. First it went to the body: entrosten, welding, spatula, smooth, the founder, the whole range up and down. The angular door handles were replaced by more noble ones from Audi and the recess in the tailgate for the rear license plate was opened 32 cm shortened. Because the Polo would later cruise through Warin without any emblems, all holes had to be closed accordingly. The small beads in the front bumper disappeared. The welding work on the bonnet was laborious, the – extended with sheet metal strips – the Polo “mean look” to lend.

There is no reason for the car, to look dark, because the subsequent painting work was carried out cleanly. “Some screwdrivers just forget, that the car at Silverstone Blue has to be painted completely in white beforehand”, explains Mathias, “otherwise the desired effect will go wrong!”


After the sparkling paint job, it was time to convert the chassis. Koni dampers with adjustable hardness from the outside and Weitec springs lower the front of the Polo by crisp 80 mm and back 60 mm from. If you open the hood, A three-part aluminum dome strut sits enthroned above the currently still standard 75-hp unit, In the converted trunk sits a one-piece. Of course, smart rims should also be in the pulled out wheel arches. The choice fell on the 14-inch model from Steffan, being on the front Evos Toyo Proxes in size 195/45, on the rear even wide 225s can be found. But back to the stern compartment again. Melanie and Mathias primarily invested in hi-fi equipment and installed powerful sounding parts such as a fat Pioneer woofer with a double voice coil, Three way boxes with 200 Watts of rated power and a 500 watt amplifier bomber from Stealth. Wuppdiduh, that's where the mail goes!

Not only the back seat had to give way, the front seats were also retired. Instead, blue Sparcos with Schroth straps provide a secure hold and a 30 mm Momo ensures good grip. So far, so good, but it's not all sunshine and rain with the Polo. At least, what concerns the VW bubbles '99: “Im ‘Show & Shine1 has remained vacant in third place in the polo class”, grumbles Miss Melanie the first miss- agreed. “I would have had a chance!” At least that would have been a good test, how incorruptible the Luckau jury really is. After all, only men were involved in the evaluation!

Type: Polo 3, Construction year 1991 •Motor: Inline four-cylinder, 1,31, Code letter: Kb, 75 PS, Group N Exhaust System • Chassis: Hardness adjustable Koni damper, Weitec springs, Stabi (v + h) v. Salzmann Tuning, three-part aluminum strut brace (v), one-piece strut brace (h) • Lowering: 80 mm (v) and 60 mm (h) • Rims: Steffan Evo 8Jx 14″ (v), 9Jx 14″ (h) • Tires: Toyo Proxes 195/45 (v), 225/40 (h) • Body: Audi handles, small license plate (32 cm), small recess, no holes, Bonnet extension “evil look” in sheet metal, Wheel arches pulled out, Corrugations in the bumper removed, blue spotlights, black-red taillights, rear windows with blue foil and chrome vapor coating • Interior: Sparco Vollschalensitze, Schroth belts, Momo leather steering wheel 30 cm diameter, sky- u. Side panels sprayed with stain blue, Center console changed, Leather gear knob • HiFi: Panasonic control unit with CD changer, Amplifier stealth 500 Watt, Woofer Pioneer 400 watt dual voice coil, Three-way boxes Magnat 200 Watt


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