Automobile syringe rear pump of the Bochum fire brigade

Automobile syringe rear pump of the Bochum fire brigadeAutomobile syringe with 1000 l / min rear pump from the Bochum fire department, recorded at the beginning of the 20s. A Benz-Gaggenau model of the type served as the chassis 2 CN (Four-cylinder carburetor engine, 40 PS), and the construction came from Metz. The vehicle had already been introduced on a trial basis at that time, Shutter-locked equipment rooms at the rear. This construction method began much later, from the mid-1960s, slowly enforce.

Büssing motorized sprayer type VBüssing motorized sprayer type V (51 payload, 40-HP four-cylinder carburettor engine, 6898 cm3 displacement) with Magirus body and 1500 l / min rear pump, the 1914 was delivered to the German Army Administration and was responsible for fire protection in the main headquarters.

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