Type A Hansa 6

Type A Hansa 6Vehicle conversions, whether in-house or through a body shop, have always been the order of the day at fire departments. In the 20s and 30s, many weirs used many heavy cars with a correspondingly high payload and power reserve as an entry point into motorization. Pictured a from the Fischer company, Görlitz, 13/65 HP Hansa type A converted into a fire engine 6 (Six-cylinder in-line carburetor engine, 65 PS at 3000 Rpm, 3489 cm3 displacement, 105 km / h top speed) from the year 1928.

Motor sprayer with Koebe structureMotorized sprayer with 1000 l / min rear pump with Koebe structure on Benz Gaggenau 1 CN four-cylinder carburettor engine, With 35 PS at 1200 Rpm, 4760 cm3 displacement, Cardan drive as vehicle no. 2 of the district of Guben-Fürstenberg from 1924. In the 30s, the vehicle with elastic tires was converted to pneumatic tires and was still used until after 1945 in action.

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