Audi Coupe Quattro S2 Bj.1992

audi s2With Turbo-Technilc from MTM and plenty of screwdriver talent, Mike Riechert transformed his Audi into a powerful steam hammer.

The Riechert family has petrol in their blood. Even in the GDR era, father and son Riechert mixed with a souped-up Polski Fiat (Double camshaft!) at the top of the rally championships. What was closer, als das Know-how, that the two had acquired in motorsport, after the reunification to bring in their own tuning company!? The Riechert Racing Shop was born. Since then, mega-hot parts have been rolling out of the workshop in the local bar. When it comes to his own car, Mike prefers stable performance to highly developed horsepower. “Powerful torque in the medium speed range is given our traffic- and road conditions announced” the three-time rally vice-champion explains the tuning concept of his S2 Coupe: “Traction is everything.”

A MTM powered one provides plenty of power 2,2 Liter block with complete stainless steel exhaust system, those in a double tailpipe (2 x 76 mm) expires. With a reworked head, larger turbocharger, larger oil cooler, modified head gasket and optimized connecting rod bearings are now slumbering 340 PS (at 5.500 Rpm) under the hood. At least they are 120 Horse has more to offer than the series variant. All hot air, or what?!

audi s2 coupeAre you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that – a determined step on the accelerator, and the Audi, which is shifted via a six-speed gearbox, speeds in 4,4 Seconds from standing over the 100 km / h mark. The top speed is included 275 km / h.

With so much power, the standard brake system of the S2 would have zero chances in an emergency. That is why Mike equipped his red racer with Audi S8 discs and wheel hubs as well as brake calipers from the S6. With the chassis (adjustable Koni damper) Mike contented himself with lowering the car 25 mm;OZ-Fl Plus rims (Mercedes Benz SL) document the sporting ambitions and create space for the large brakes. Pragmatism also characterizes the modification of the body. The redesigned front apron (MTM) serves for better air conduction, “otherwise the charge air cooling threatens to collapse.” In terms of optics trim, Mike limited himself to a modified grill (Kamei), JE headlight covers and drawn fenders. The interior with its 34-inch steering wheel and gear knob from Momo and Recaro SR sports seats also show a sense of the essential. Don't sleep for a car for every day!

Audi Coupe Quattro S2 Bj. 1992

Riechert-Racing-Shop, Barleben Info-Tel: 039203-61573

Motor: 2,2-Liter-Block. Increase in performance 340 PS, larger turbocharger, RS2 exhaust manifold and charge air cooler, larger oil cooler, modified head gasket and connecting rod bearings (Technology from MTM).

Power transmission: Six-speed manual transmission.

Exhaust: Stainless steel exhaust system from the turbocharger with double tailpipe (2 x 76 mm).

body: Modified front apron for increased air supply to the radiators. Kamei-Frontgrill, JE headlights, Pulled fenders.

Painting: Laser-Rot (original). Bumpers repainted in body color.

landing gear: Koni-Komplettfahrwerk, 25 mm v+h tiefer.

Brakes: Front Audi S8 system with 325 mm windows.

Wheels / tires: OZ Fl Plus rims 8,5 x 17 ETI 8 with Dunlop SP8000 245/40 ZR 17 v+h.

inner space: 34he steering wheel and gear lever from Momo, Recaro SR sports seats.

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