Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Volkswagen Beetle ConvertibleKarl-Heinz Köfler from Haßloch has turned out to be a true Volkswagen fan.

The fate of the beetle pictured seemed to be sealed. Because it should fall victim to the rescue shears as a training object for the local fire brigade, although the substance was still quite passable. So Karl-Heinz persuaded those responsible with some alcoholic gifts, him the 70s 1302 to leave. The subsequent restoration took three years. In addition to the convertible kit from Frost in Bretten-Bauerbach, Karl-Heinz provided the rescued with seats from the Golf 2, Velor from Mercedes and a paint job in Lincoln blue from Porsche. His wish, the “real eye-catcher ”to other readers, Of course we were happy to comply.

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