VW New Beetle Cup

VW New Beetle CupPreliminary decision in the ADAC VW New Beetle Cup: After runs six and seven, the table paints a clear picture. Erik Schwarz is comfortably in the lead, followed by his Lupo colleague from last year, Patrick Michels. Pontus Mörth has gambled away his chances. The Swede received nothing at the Nürburgring and in Salzburg.

After the heat battle in Misano, the signs in the Beetle Cup were pointing to storm. Pontus Mörth worked his way up to leaders Erik Schwarz except for one point. But at the Nürburgring, the Swedes suffered from a strange jam. Already in training the north man disappointed, let local hero black go first. In contrast, gravel specialist Mundl Baumschlager surprised. The Austrian pushed his Beetle into the front row. Also at the front: Nicole Lüttecke, which turned up mightily on familiar terrain.

VW New Beetle Cup2Erik Schwarz brought his own fan club with him on race day. That must have given him a powerful boost: At the start, the blue ball Porsche immediately took the lead and pulled away from the field. Dramatic scenes took place behind it: Pontus Mörth staged a great race to catch up, which brought him up to second place. Then he fell victim to a chain reaction. trigger: the British Simon Graves. While marching through the Beetle field, he accidentally piggybacked Mundl Baumschlager. The ball crashed into the innocent Mörth – the end for all three!

In the end, Erik Schwarz had to tremble again. As if struck by lightning, his six-cylinder vehicle became slower. Patrick Bernhardt caught up tremendously. But it was no longer enough to change leadership: game, Set and win for Black. Third behind Schwarz and Bernhardt at the finish: a Nicole Lüttecke looking like a different person. Whether it was because of her new racing suit in fashionable deep black? Damage, that it disappeared from the headlines at the Salzburgring: only eleventh place. Best lady in the beautiful alpine country: the local Osmunde Doiischka.

The 26.000 Austrians along the ultra-fast route really enjoyed the Vorarlberg woman. But Mundl Baumschlager was even more ecstatic. In front of his home crowd, the rally crack secured his first Beetle triumph. To do this, he had to overtake the leading Patrick Bernhardt on the very last lap. He did this in the treacherous paddock curve before the start and finish. Two tenths of a second ahead was enough for the funny VW group driver to achieve the long-awaited success. Behind them were Patrick Bernhardt and Cup returnees Mark Higgins.

Erik Schwarz extended his championship lead. Because Pontus Mörth received blow number two: With a flat tire, the cool blonde braked at the pits. His balance sheet: again no points. In doing so, he had specifically renounced an STW appearance in the Swedish championship. To keep his title chances in Germany. Newcomer of the month: Patrick Michels. Last year's Lupo runner-up is now second in the table. The 18 year old wants to stay there. After all, like Erik Schwarz, he dreams of a season in the exclusive Porsche Carrera Cup!

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