Motor sprayer with Koebe structure

Motorized sprayer Koebe structureFirst the extremely harsh winter of the year 1928/29 brought the knowledge, that closed vehicle superstructures were urgently required, also for fire fighting vehicles, to protect the teams. One of the first weirs, who put this requirement into practice, was the Berlin professional fire brigade, those already in the middle of the year 1930 the first motorized sprayer with a Koebe body from a procurement series with a fully enclosed driver- and crew quarters put into service. The vehicle shown had a 1500 l / min rear pump; no heating was installed yet.

Motor vehicle sprayer KS 25The Breslau fire brigade was one of the few brigades in Germany, which used Büssing chassis for their vehicles in the 30s. Here a KS motor vehicle sprayer built by Metz 25 to Büssing-NAG 350 (Eight cylinder engine, 90 PS, 7914 cm3 displacement, 3,51 payload) from the year 1935.

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