Volkswagen Scirocco I Typ 53 Tuning


“One or none – there is no more beautiful coupe than the Scirocco 1”, said Rolf Nell. since 1983 he thinks the guy 53 the loyalty: “Another car won't come into my garage!”

Scirocco 1 forever? That's easier said than done! Because the guy 53 belongs to an extinct species. Active inventory management is all the more popular. Rolf does not refuse to do this. And so it happens, that he has not only worked as an excavator driver for years, but also working on large construction sites in their free time.

When Rolf 1997 the 80s copy “on stockpile” gained, the car was still in its original, untouched condition. “He was no longer a beauty – but he seemed to be in good shape.” And after the 36-year-old finally decided to activate the “Reservists” had decided, From October to the following March, setting up the Scirocco took up almost every free minute. Restoring old splendor and beauty, however, was not Rolf's goal. “I wanted a middle ground between the typical sporty charm of the guy 53 and find an individual trim.” Whether he was aware at this point, how much work he had done? “Honestly: No. But when I see the result, I don't regret a minute!” First, the car was completely cleared out and dismantled. To Rolf's delighted surprise, after the total evacuation, the substance of the Volkswagen turned out to be rather robust instead of rusty. “The base of the car really wasn't bad. Only the floor pan had to be completely redone.” After the Viersener had done all the sheet metal work, the steel frame went to the painter, where the VW got its poisonous green paint.


In the meantime, Rolf maneuvered the 1.8-liter engine to Rüdel Motorsport in Duisburg. “What exactly was done there, I don't know unfortunately”, must fit Rolf when asked about the details of the revitalization of the engine. But it cannot be otherwise, than that the Duisburg tuner, in addition to the visible 45 mm Weber carburettor system, secretly taught the propellant its wild game – as the performance diagram clearly shows. After completing the Rüdel cure, the Scrirocco can almost double its performance: Instead of over 85 The engine now has series horsepower 163 Horsepower. The gearbox and brake system from the Golf 16V as well as a Supersprint Group A exhaust system complete the conversion from a technical point of view.


Rolf brought the engine compartment up to scratch with a lot of chrome. So as not to give the funk devil a chance with the 80s model, he decided to make a completely new electrical system; Incidentally, he laid the wiring harness under the fenders in the bars. Now it just mattered, to bring the look in an appealing form. In this regard, black window film and blackened lights at the rear as well as removing the lock and emblems at the rear were among the tasks that were rather easy to accomplish. The installation of the black lights from BMW's inventory turned out to be far more difficult: “These-bloody crap-things the stupid!” Lots of hideous curses, Several curses and filigree adjustments later this obstacle was finally overcome happily. Speaking of attitude: With a screwable chassis from Fichtel & Sachs, Rolf has all the ups and downs of his Scirocco in his own hands. With the BBS wheels in 6,5 x 15 the VW enthusiast opted for a classic sport look. In the interior, too, he remained true to this line. He could do without the back seat – on additional instruments for oil, Water and oil pressure do not. Additionally lend a 30s raid steering wheel, a self-made gear knob, Recaro seats and OMP pedals that certain dynamic ambience. Done!
“You can be seen with it”, Rolf is sure of the good impression of his VW.

Type: Scirocco • Year of manufacture: 80 • Motor: 1,8-Uter engine, completely overhauled by Rüddel Motorsport, 45he Weber carburetor, 163 PS, Supersprint Group A exhaust system with 76 mm tailpipe • Chassis: Screwable chassis from Fichtel & Sachs • wheels: BBS in 6,5 x 15 • Tires: 195/50is Michelin-Pneus v / h • Body: Paint in Opel green, Emblems and lock on the stern removed, One-arm wiper, black BMW headlights in front, Blackened lamp glasses at the back (coated) • Inner space: Rear seat removed, 30he raid steering wheel, Reca-ro sports seats, Self-made gear knob, OMP-Pedale, Additional instruments for oil, Water and Oil Pressure • Other: Polished strut bar, Gearbox and brake system from the Golf 16V, completely new electrics, Cable construction laid under the fenders in the bars, various parts in the engine compartment chrome-plated or. polished

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