Anhangerkupplung nachrüsten

Quickly get the wood from the hardware store or take the garden waste to the landfill. A trailer coupling transforms even small cars into spacious vans. We show, how the hook can be retrofitted.

Such a trailer is really practical. Builders and garden owners in particular appreciate the advantages of this undemanding packhorse. With a size up to 750 Most car owners are well served. This is the limit for unrestrained trailers, and they can be maneuvered easily even by inexperienced drivers – by hand if necessary.

If the trolley is not equipped with the practical hook, no problem, the accessories trade offers retrofit sets. For our Mercedes E-Class we chose the removable hook from Bosal, complete with electrical kit for around 500 Euro. advantage, the electrical kit is tailored to the wiring harness. Problems with the cable harnesses networked via the data bus in modern cars can thus be avoided. Because it is simply clamped on, the diagnostic system in the car considers the power thief to be a source of error. The fault memory fills up and can go into fault. For this reason: The assembly of the electrics is only a job for experienced hobbyists.

Coupling assembly, Step by step: 1 Study the instructions carefully before installing. To avoid a short circuit, Disconnect the negative pole from the vehicle battery. tip: Make sure before removing the pole, that the immobilizer and radio code are not impaired or are present. 2 For free access, Dismantle the trim on the wheel arches and trunk floor,

3 also remove the underbody protection from the mountings. 4 There are pips under the preservation. They indicate the points for the mounting holes to be drilled. 5 Important before cultivation, Thoroughly protect the drill holes and bare sheet metal from rust with paint and allow to dry sufficiently. 6 Screw the subframe into the trunk and 7 Tighten all bolts with the specified torque. 8 Lay the wiring harness in the cable ducts according to the instructions. 9 Make connections between two cables by soldering. 10 Thoroughly insulate all connections against short circuits. 11 A little shaky, the Einmannmontage; It is easier with a trolley jack as an assembly aid. 12 Screw the trailer coupling bolt into the subframe from below and retighten with a torque wrench. tip: Before closing the cable ducts, check the function of the electrical system.

TUV acceptance and others

• In the past, the assembly of a trailer coupling had to be approved by TÜV or Dekra, this is easier today, at least with new clutches. Provided with EC type approval EC 94/20 it is sufficient to bring the required papers with you as proof. tip: Register the trailer coupling anyway. The prescribed cultivation is checked for your own safety. Is the installation in the vehicle papers, the mess of papers no longer has to be taken with you.

• Traveling a lot on the Autobahn? Since the speed limit of 80 km / h annoying quickly. It's better to drive with the 100 km / h clearance. Meets the combination trailer – Car
certain conditions - for example the towing vehicle has ABS -, the speed limit is raised.

• Be careful with particularly heavy towing vehicles. According to a court ruling, these are vehicles, the appearances
are intended for transport,around trucks, even if they are identified as a car in the vehicle documents. episode: Truck regulations apply, for example overtaking bans, Sunday driving ban when operating with a trailer.


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