Daimler-MarienfeldeEngine sprayer as a crew car with attached gun mount on Daimler-Marienfelde, Typ DC 3c (35 PS, 5490 cm3 displacement, 30 km / h top speed, Kardanantrieb), the Berlin fire brigade (Fire fighting train Oberschöneweide), Year of construction approx. 1917.

Magirus turntable ladder DL 20Fire brigade of the Lüneburg volunteer fire brigade at the beginning of the 1930s. From the right: Magirus motorized sprayer on a 2 t M-1 chassis (Six-cylinder carburetor engine, 55 PS, 4068 cm3 displacement), Magirus turntable ladder DL 20 on Magirus M 20 (Six cylinder carburetor engine, 60 PS, 4253 cm3 displacement) and Magirus 2 CS (Four-cylinder carburetor engine, 55 PS, 4250 cm3 displacement) with 1500 l / min centrifugal fire pump. While the last-mentioned vehicle still has elastic tires, the other two vehicles are already equipped with pneumatic tires.

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