Magirus M 30 S – Magirus-M-50-L

Magirus M 30 SCanton auto sprayer (China) on Magirus M 30 S with rear-mounted P-V pump (1500 l / min delivery rate) and a bulged three-part 20 m all-steel ladder in an am 28.3. 1933 resulting recording.

5-t-Magirus-M-50-LThe turntable ladder shown here was sent to the fire brigade of the then Polish city of Gdynia 45+2 m exported with K-30 ladder transmission. The chassis of the 5 t Magirus M-50-L was used (Six-cylinder carburetor engine, 110 PS, 7739 cm3 displacement) for use. Amazingly, this vehicle was made – despite the harsh climatic conditions in the east – openly executed. The Magirus factory recording was made on 15. 2.1938.

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