The second step: This is the perfect way to fill and paint

perfectly filled and painted1.With the first layers of filler, those made of fill- and spatula exist, match the machined surface of the body and create a clean transition to the unmachined sheet metal surfaces.
2.The fine filler is applied to the entire layer of filling and drawing filler after it has dried through. Now you see, that the preliminary work was good: Little of it gets stuck in cracks and depressions.
3.The best tool for grinding work is still hand: Neither one swing can be as precise and sensitive- still work with a rotary grinder. Let wet-sanded surfaces dry well overnight.
4. Even the finest grooves in the surface, caused by grinding, are made by applying a filler- and primer („Filler“) balanced. After drying it is sanded again.
5. When painting with the spray can, it is particularly important to cover the repair area: Otherwise you will distribute the fine spray mist all over the car. Paint work outdoors only when there is no wind.

What use are rust converters?
The term rust converter sounds good. The only question: The rust is actually converted back to steel? Of course not. It has nothing to do with alchemy. The principle of the rust converter: It encapsulates rust from water and oxygen, creating a paintable surface. However, this does not last as long as a completely sanded repair point. And the labor saving is small: You always have to grind.

How to use a spatula
Less is more here too: Do you have too much compound on the spatula?, Something always overflows at the edges of the spatula. After drying, these edges are difficult to sand down to the level of the surrounding surface. In the extreme case, you have to sand off that much, that the resulting gap must be filled again.

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