Volkswagen Golf 2 G60 '92

Volkswagen Golf 2 G60Granted, a mix of e-class and golf sounds somehow strange. But what, if you like the comfort of the star, but you still don't want to do without a Wolfsburg? Mario Resch shows how it works: Pure luxury in the interior, Full of power in the engine compartment.

Without question, the 2 Series Golf has been particularly popular in the Volkswagen fan community for years. Whether original or spoiled, brutal or plain, the range of tuning variations leaves nothing to be desired. Mario Resch from Austria is also there, together with his friends from the “Cult Society”, addicted to golf. "For me, for example, the two with its angular body is the most beautiful of all Gölfe", raves Mario. “However, I like the topic rather simply, discreet and flat. " And there really is no better way to describe your silver vehicle. The VW fan did not rely on ultra-wide rims or spoilers for his project, rather, the Golf stands out from the daily grind on Austrian roads solely through its merciless lowering. However, if you take a closer look at the 92 vintage, more and more small modifications come to light, that give the VW a unique look.

Volkswagen Golf 2 G60 1So the mechanic at the front opted for a grille without that “confessing ”emblem and also separated the pair of windshield wipers; when it suddenly rains a one-armed man fights against the masses of water. Mario also installed the Audi door handles popular in the scene and left the locks on the driver in the same work step- and passenger door disappear. In the latter case, he also separated from the exterior mirror; on the driver's side he mounted a racing car (a little bit “Consideration ”is a must!). Mario designed the rear of his acquisition as simple as the front and thus freed it from all “superfluous ”attachments. The trained mechanic first took care of the license plate recess and reduced it to a tolerable level. “Although the whole thing at the Austrian TÜV did not go exactly smoothly, because there are usually no smaller license plates here ”, tells the tinkerer. "With a lot of back and forth I got one after all." Since he was already working on the tailgate, Wipers also disappeared in favor of the clean look, Lock and emblems, black and red Hellas also swapped places with the original taillights. “Finally I welded the roof antenna shut and put it in the usual place, the left fender, attached. "

So far, so good. The only thing missing was the right paint. The choice was not difficult for the 24-year-old, he has more than a dozen silver vehicles on his doorstep. “My parents have a coach- or. Truck company. Everything is in silver for recognition, even most of the cars in the family. " That's why Mario let his project be fogged up with it, Strictly speaking, friend Tommy gave the whole thing a brilliant silver metallic from the Mercedes color palette.

But that is far from all, what connects Marios Golf with the star from Hintertürkheim, It continues in the interior and in terms of chassis comfort.

Volkswagen Golf 2 G60 2The interior of the two now shines in gray leather, but for once not from Mercedes, but from Porsche. “Here Guttmann has done a great job. I just had to go to the VAG leather factory, which is in Leibnitz, where I live, and get everything you need ", tells Mario. But why not a “star” leather? “There are holes punched in it, to get one to the back, etc. not to sweat. I liked the smooth version of Porsche much better, I have an air conditioner to prevent unnecessary sweating anyway. " With the latter, we then lead on to Mario's idea of ​​a car itself: He doesn't necessarily like the version "bare interior and bucket seats", rather, the whole thing should be rather dignified.

So he upholstered the interior right down to the smallest corner with Mercedes insulating mats, in order to allow as little noise as possible to penetrate the occupants. In addition, the aforementioned air conditioning system now spreads a cool breeze in summer, The seat heating eliminates uncomfortable winter temperatures on the other side. Would Mario like to relax his "gas-loaded" foot?, he simply switches on the cruise control, which then regulates the speed. also “"Mario disposed of the window cranks and now leaves the work to a couple of electric helpers. “After the interior was finished, is my buddy Mario (the love for golf must be due to the name; We have his 3 Golf in the 9/99 presented) was the first to ride and was absolutely thrilled. There is dead silence in my two, besides, nothing rattles, neither door panel nor tailgate or anything else. Even the low landing gear doesn't affect the whole thing. " Speaking of the chassis: Otherwise to plain, subtly and cleanly trimmed, had to at least a merciless lowering for Mario. For this reason, he decided on a coilover kit from H&R, thanks to the piston rods shortened by six centimeters for around 140 mm of draft. That "deep" does not have to mean "hard", you will now find out.

“Shortly after the installation, my mother pounded my ears, that my car is not drivable at all because of the depth and hardness of the chassis components. She praises her E-Class. That was one of the reasons, which is why I have completely revised everything. " Which, however, was not necessarily easy, because 14 Of course, centimeters lowering also mean tightness in the front end. To achieve greater comfort, therefore had to change the drive shafts 25 mm, the longer right also lost around 10 mm in diameter. Because these interventions were not enough, the longitudinal beams were processed accordingly, so that the semiaxes did not hit anywhere during compression.

“Thanks to these modifications, the Golf now has three to four centimeters of suspension travel despite its extreme depth, therefore it is absolutely soft and comfortable to drive. Like my mother's E-Class…”, explains Mario and talks about the eighty working hours, which he and his friends Gerhard, Only used Tommy and Virus to convert the front end of the car.

The changes to the engine were not quite as serious, A short spray cure should not be missing, however, to elicit a few more horsepower from the G-laden 1.8 liter unit. So he first built a sports camshaft from Schrick, In addition, the cylinder heads had to undergo machining and the control unit and the injection nozzles were modified. Mario also opted for a sintered metal clutch and a lighter flywheel from Fichtel & Sachs. The tinkerer left the G-Lader in its original state, only another loader wheel was installed. So that the engine doesn't start to boil, a thermostatically controlled oil cooler ensures optimal temperatures. “The thermostat works 90 Degrees Celsius, then the amount of oil goes through the cooler and provides approx 1,2 Liters more oil ", the 24-year-old explains how it works.

After the previous interventions, the athlete is now mobilizing around 220 PS, which are held in check by the VR6 with Golf 3 brakes. “However, I think the Austrian roads are far too bad, to move my two on every day. There are so many little stones flying around here, that I would soon have to repaint the silver one. " For this reason, Mario mainly copes with the An- and departures to meetings, the distance played: then, however, does not matter.

Granted: You have to bring a good dose of enthusiasm for the Wolfsburg, to put a lot of work and a lot of money into a project like this like Mario. However, every Mercedes driver now has to, who can take a closer look at the silver Gulf next to him at the traffic light, admit enviously: Such a mix of sportiness and dignified luxury is hard to beat. The only thing missing is a star on the golf club… but we don't want to exaggerate.

Type: Golf 2 G60, Year of manufacture ‘92 • Engine: 1,8 Liters G60 • Stroke x bore: 81 x 86,4 mm displacement: 1781 ccm • connecting rod: Series • Camshaft: Schrick, 288° • cylinder heads: Serie, modified • clutch / flywheel: Sintermetall-Kupplung und erleichtertes Schwungrad von Fichtel & Sachs • Performance: 156 kW / 219 PS • Front axle: H&R coilover kit, Damper around 60 mm shortened, Drive shafts around 25 mm shortened, Machined side members, 140 mm lowering • rear axle: H&R coilover kit, Damper around 60 mm shortened, 5-mm spacers, 140 mm lowering • Front / rear brake: Golf 3 VR6 • Front / rear wheels: Speedline 6,5 x 15 ET43 • Front / rear tires: Dunlop SP2000 195/45 R15 • steering wheel: Momo, 300 mm diameter • radio: Pioneer • amplifier: Pioneer • Boxing: Pioneer • Subwoofer: Pioneer 6O-cm-0 • Others: Wie-chers strut braces, Audi door handles, reduced license plate recess, red-black Hella taillights, komplettes Body-Cleaning, Porsche leather interior, gray dials, Green tinted glazing, Interior completely finished with Merce des insulation mats, Lack: Mercedes-BrilliantSilber-Metallic, air conditioning, Seat heating, Cruise control, electric. Window regulator, Viper alarm system, Chassis revised for the purpose of suspension comfort

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