Volkswagen police beetle: 73is 1302


Okay, we admit: The story has been alienated a little bit. Because the cuddly spherical Porsche in the green service skirt doesn't proddle. He purrs. 1973 born, stands the 1302 since 90.000 Kilometers in the service of the law enforcement officers and, according to them, is still in great shape. Well, that over the years the image of the typical escape vehicle has changed a little upwards, it's not his fault. And that his first years with the inspector at the wheel are now legendary, the bold beetle can crumple to a certain extent. After all, the tours to the local kindergartens and schools for traffic education are fun and nerve-wracking in their own way. That the smart dark green does not remain free of offenses in spite of all this, really doesn't surprise us too much: Temporary traffic jams and jostling on the sidewalks due to heads turned against the direction of travel are now his responsibility. And who misses the last police beetle, is even more punished.

For the time being, the thought of being a pensioner is passing the sprightly veteran by the knobbly rear end. At the earliest in the year 2005, when Police Director Michael Viehweger retires, Commissioner Herbie will then give it more thought, where he'll take his last sip. But until then there will still be some bullet hail in the wild north. Or something like that.

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