Opel Kadett GSI 16V, Bj. 90

opel kadet1Opel, Yes, please! Clear, the cadet is always in! And the color? Black looks good on him and never goes out of style, But with that certain something, a GSI is even more trendy.

opel cadetHow about some race flags for the racer? With this motif, Stefan Reuter hit the bull's eye with the Opel. And if the waving flags were also painted and not glued, the cadet looks as dashing again. The metal worker likes this special look. “Clear, painting is more expensive than film, but you can also see the difference!”

This is how the Opel stands out from the average: A hood with “evil look”, a Transmitter-Front spoiler, Bonrath single-arm scraper, DTM fuel filler caps and black taillights from Irmscher are further effective measures in the fight against the uniform look. In addition, the southern German left the front fenders 2 cm and back around 4 cm at Bobinger Tuning. It is so beautiful to go down with flying colors: The Bilstein sports suspension “falls” the Opel in front 80 mm and back 60 mm ins “Form deep”. In combination with the 6 mm spacer discs at the rear, it lies nice and wide and crisp-kei-lig on the asphalt. Revolution wheels in 8 x 15, which are equipped with 195/45 Bridgestone tires, underline the sporting talent of the GSI. In the interior there is the minimal equipment of a sporty, ambitious pilot: 28is Momo, Aluminum pedals and Schroth straps. In addition, roll bars and strut braces are not only used for visuals, but also security. But the acoustics are not neglected either; sonorous sound is the strength of the WSK Group A exhaust system with a 90 mm tailpipe. So is the thunder with black lightning!

opel kadet2

WSK group A with 90 mm tailpipe

Airbrush in Lufthutze, Flag painting on both back sides, Transmitter Front Spoiler, Bonnet with “evil look”, black taillights from Irm-scher, DTM fuel cap, Bonrath single-arm wiper, Front fender 2 cm and back 4 cm on each side (Bobinger Tuning)

inner space:
Überrollbügel, 28is Momo, Aluminum pedals, Radio, CD-Player, Power amplifiers, Alpine speakers and subwoofers, Schroth belts

landing gear:
Bilstein sports suspension, 80 mm/60 mm v/h tiefer, 6-mm spacers at the rear, Domstreben v/h

Wheels / tires:
Revolution in 8 x 15 AND 18 and 8×15 AND 10 mit 195/45er Bridgestone v/h

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