Volkswagen Beetle old school style

In this edition, our illustrator Michael Leonhard, in line with the main topic of this issue, times his thoughts on the contemporary implementation of the Cal look. He attached particular importance to the simple implementation of the resulting concepts or. the design as absolutely wallet-friendly low-budget projects. Actually only remains, I wish everyone who is interested in realizing the drafts a lot of fun.

vw kafer360he old-school style beetle
This draft of the air-cooled classic from the Mittelland Canal is rather nasty and radical. The matt black paintwork makes the beetle seem somehow dangerous. Roof racks are for the very special old-school style, “Swamp-Cooler” on the passenger side and a set of BRM rims have been used. Horn grilles from Koch replace the original counterparts. Racing stripes in a checkerboard pattern provide a good dose of vintage racing flair “76”-Glue. A full lowering is mandatory for the low budget project.


70he Beetle in the Resto-Cal look
This type is almost in its original condition 1. On closer inspection, small ones fall, but fine changes on. The rims, for example, are older, and the “Nipper’s hubcaps used to be found on Porsche 356 use. In addition, the Wolfsburg was lowered and provided with export bumpers at the front and rear. The paint is presented in gold-brown metallic.

vw kafer465he beetle in the Cal look
The classic California look will continue to play an important role in the air-cooled VW fan base in the coming millennium. The missing door handles in this design ensure an extremely smooth look, Badges, Horn grilles and moldings. Instead of the original headlights, Rossi lights are now used. The aluminum bumpers from Briz and the Moon Discs are of California origin. A striking magenta hue gives the Cal looker a new shine.

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