Safety training

you should at least be trained and prepared. That have been over in the last year alone 100000 Motorists said and at a driver safety training from automobile clubs, Traffic watch or car manufacturers participated.
We were there now.

It's worst on Fridays ", says police chief Jürgen Beier, “They're all going crazy.” He has been with the North Traffic Relay for twelve years, and the statistics keep showing the same picture: On the last working day of the week, between 16 and 17 Clock, the traffic drama comes to a head. On no other day does it crash more often on Germany's streets, At no other time are there more personal injuries to complain about.

Beier: “The stress of the week has not yet passed, the thoughts are already in the weekend. ”Traffic becomes pure gamble, if something unforeseen happens in such situations. When a child jumps out between parked cars, Aquaplaning occurs on the road surface: "At the latest then it shows, that most of them totally overestimate their driving skills and their ability to react ", complains Beier. Typical situation: Time 80, Regen, suddenly an obstacle emerges from the water veil, 20 Meter still - full braking. Tires smear over the asphalt, the car skids, we have to evade. Right?

Links? A red and white object flies over the hood and crashes into the windshield.

"I suppose that did not work", says Günther Siemers. Fortunately, this scene only takes place on the practice course of an automobile club. Siemers is a driving safety trainer. For an hour he explained the basics of driving physics to us in the seminar room. 13 We are participants, each with different motives: One is 19 year old, He has had his driver's license for a year. Here he wants to practice, in order to be prepared for dangerous situations after his experience in traffic. Another just bought a new Mercedes, now he wants to see, how he gets along with ABS.

A woman tells, how she was involved in an accident six months ago. “I am sheer, that I could have avoided that ", she says, "If I hadn't felt so helpless at the crucial moment."

"Our current driver safety training has nothing to do with the spin training of the seventies", explains Siemers, “First of all, we want to show the driver his personal limits and those of his vehicle, that offers enough surprises for most of them. ”Another goal: The driver's eye should be trained for dangerous situations. Modern cars offer a lot of active and passive safety (Chassis technology, ABS, Airbag, Side impact protection), but this security is often seductive too.

The most modern driving safety center in Europe is at the Nürburgring. On 50 000 Square meters, drivers license holders of all classes can learn here on a computer-controlled system, to cope better with everyday dangers in traffic. Obstacles appear on an artificially iced road, Aquaplaning in a pool of water causes tires to float, or a sling plate pulls the rear wheels to one side in a split second. Exciting, adventurous – but also instructive. The prices for a daily course are between 80 and 130 Mark – no question, that this money is well spent. What had Chief Police Officer Beier said?: “Security shouldn't be a matter of luck.” He's probably right.

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