Magirus M-40-S low frame

Magirus-M-40-S low frameThis 1932 Automobile sprayer built by Magirus on a Magirus M-40-S low-frame chassis was part of an order for six identical vehicles, which the professional fire brigade in Munich awarded this body builder. The vehicles had 1500 l / min centrifugal fire pumps in the rear and were for 11 Man crew designed. The openly executed, Pneumatic vehicles had six-cylinder 110-horsepower carburetor engines, which has a top speed of 60 km / h enabled. The picture was taken on 2.11.1932.

Unit fuel injectorsThree so-called. “Standard power injection” with 1500 l / min front-mounted pumps in a Magirus factory photo from 17.2.1937 before delivery to the Saxon fire brigades (from the left) Böhlen / Leipzig Office, Zeithain and Mainsberg / Saxony. For these motor vehicle syringes - referred to in the factory as "crew car" – were LK-3500 chassis from Hansa-Lloyd (60 PS, 3444 cm3 displacement) used.

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