Magirus electric steam sprayer

Magirus electric steam sprayerElectromobile Magirus steam sprayer from the Cologne professional fire brigade 2000 l / min Pumping time, the originally 1904 Delivered on a self-propelled steam-powered chassis and in years 1913 was converted in our own workshop onto an electric chassis from the Cologne-based electric vehicle works Heinrich Scheele, since steam power as a drive source for vehicles had proven to be too expensive in practice. The Scheele electric chassis possessed wheel hub motors with a total of 18 HP power and accumulator batteries with 80 Cells, which were below the "bonnet". The recording was made 1921 at the Altermarkt fire station and clearly shows signs of use on the vehicle.

Fire brigade of the Cologne professional fire brigadeFire brigade of the Cologne professional fire brigade, Fire station Gießener Strasse, in year 1921. From right to left: Command car with 18 PS, electromobile team van on Scheele chassis, 24-m-Magirus turntable ladder, their erection and removal was carried out by a 2.5 HP electric motor, also on a Scheele electric chassis, electric motorized sprayer from 1910 by Scheele and converted to an electric drive (formerly Magirus steam sprayer from 1904).


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