The Braunschweig truck manufacturer Büssing

Braunschweig truck manufacturer BüssingThe Braunschweig truck manufacturer Büssing has always been an outsider among the fire services. Here is a rare four-cylinder, 40 hp, Büssing V engine, 51 with rear pump from the year 1913. Noteworthy are those that appear downright luxurious for a fire engine, leather-upholstered bench seats.

Magirus workloadMagirus factory photo from 28. 3.1913 a DL delivered to the Leipzig professional fire brigade 26 on Benz Gaggenau low-frame chassis type BO 14 with four-cylinder 8590 cm3 in-line carburetor engine S. 135 With 48/58 FS performance. The power was transmitted to the rear wheels by means of a chain and the maximum speed was included 25 km / h.

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