Volkswagen 84er VW Derby II Tuning

vw derbyThere look: The gray mouse from Wolfsburg was transformed into an exciting street machine with an effective Zv / egg color coating.
“Once a derby, always derby”, is Michael Hümmer's motto. Since then, as a newcomer to a driver's license, he first ventured through traffic with a battered derby, he couldn't get away from the little VW. “The Derby is my dream car”, the Bayreuth follows behind. Who would want him looking at his VW, which Michael built in the style of an American show car, contradict?
In the beginning there was – as so often – a pitifully dented car, actually ripe for the shredder. But instead of handing over the rust arbor to the scrap press, it irritated Michael, just try it out, what optically could be extracted from the rather inconspicuous derby. With the help of his two brothers Detlef and Roland, he set to work. “The series derby is a gray mouse; therefore it was particularly important to us, to make the look of the car eye-catching and exciting”, the postman explains the task. With around each 40 mm widened fenders, the Wolfsburg puffed up properly; the front shows with polo 1 -Bumper and Kamei fascia form a separate face. Michael freed the body of all superfluous ornaments and gave the car to the PS-Design team, which wrapped him in an impeccable fun yellow. “The derby didn't look bad, but somehow it was still not the yellow of the egg”, the Bay-reuther remembers. That's why the VW went to the painter again. This time in a Nissan workshop, where the front section was provided with an ingenious decor in jazz blue. The chic Smoor rims contribute to the impeccable appearance (7×13 front and 3×13 back) at. And the superlatives continue: ISpax shock absorbers and pressed Jamex springs lower the derby at the front 100 mm and back around 90 mm from. “This look is totally crazy”, Michael is happy. That the self-made exhaust (Tailpipe 76 mm) scrapes dangerously close on the asphalt, the Bavarian gladly accepts. In any case, the trio of brothers did not put the Derby on its attractive wheels for heating. For this reason, the standard one is still hidden under the aggressive cover – however polished to a shine – 1,3-Liter machine with 75 PS. “We didn't want a racing machine, but build a show car”, explains Michael and clarifies at the same time, that the razor-sharp Derby is anything but a dazzler. “The car is not gondolaed from meeting to meeting on a trailer. I use it to drive to work day in and day out!” So that everyday life doesn't get too gray, Michael surrounds himself inside with a sports trim, which is in no way inferior to the classy outer shell. Wiechers bracket, Victor Formula 1 steering wheel, Alu-Handbrake lever, Aluminum gear knob and polished aluminum pedals as well as Recaro seats create an authentic racing atmosphere. A leatherette headliner, new velor carpets and chrome window cranks complete the long list of modifications.

vw derby2‘84er VW Derby II

Motor: 1,3-Liter series block, 75 PS.
Exhaust: Self-made, 76-mm tailpipe.
body: Kotflügel v + h is 40 mm pulled out. Polo I bumper, Kamei bezel.
Painting: Fun-Gelb (PS-Design) and jazz blue (Nissan).
landing gear: Spax shock absorbers and pressed Jamex springs, minus 100 mm in front and minus 85 mm back.
Wheels / tires: Smoor 7×13 v + h with Dunlop SP 2000 175/50/13 v+h.
inner space: Wiechers bracket, Victor Formel 1 -steering wheel, Gear knob and handbrake lever in aluminum, chrome-plated window cranks, polished aluminum pedals, Recaro seats, Artificial leather sky, new carpets.

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