Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

vw karmannEven who for cars and dreams, associated with them, has nothing left – there should actually be such contemporaries! -will cast curious glances after Gerard Michelan's Karmann Ghia. In today's era of automotive uniformity, the coupe is beyond the norm, but still of exciting elegance.

Earlier – and, everything used to be different. Was everything better now?, let's leave it open at this point. In any case, were before twenty, cars have been built for thirty years, the brief respiratory arrest and shaky fingers- called forward. And the Karmann Ghia was one of those types – no matter whether as a convertible or, as in the present case, as a coupe. It was this elegance, these classic lines, not based on drag coefficient values, but in terms of aesthetics and taste, which made the Karmann Ghia a cult object. Outstanding aerodynamic values ​​were nevertheless achieved, which proves once again, that modernity and individual character do not have to be mutually exclusive.

25 Years ago, that the last Karmann Ghia rolled off the line, but even today a small group of die-hard Ghia fans dreams of glorious times. Not just dreaming, but also to find specimens of this genus, proves to be a particularly difficult undertaking in individual cases. We'd rather not talk about the search for spare parts. Without a bit of luck or friendships among Ghia enthusiasts, who can then give one or the other tip, it would hardly be possible, to carry out a restoration. The coupe, whom Gerard Michelan met by chance one day, made a very satisfactory impression at first glance.

vw karmann1The terrible truth only revealed itself after the purchase. The rust had attacked almost all the load-bearing parts and had done a great job. Some replacements were found in the junkyard, other things had to be recreated in painstaking detail. But giving up was out of the question for Gerard.

The entire ghia has been restored. The bumpers catch the eye, whose horns have disappeared by being welded around them. At the front, the bumper looks like the lower lip of a shark's mouth. The lines of the Ghia are retained, however, the distance between the bumper and the body is only a few millimeters. The front looks like it is made of one piece.

The rear-view mirrors should also adapt harmoniously to the lines. Gerard found what he was looking for in an Ascona GT. However, the adjustment required nerves and instinct.

The paintwork is unconventional and a real eye-catcher. Dipped in a light purple on top, A deep blue dominates the underside of the vehicle, that - bounded by a red thread – at a time jagged, sometimes wavy wine-red fades. Gerard's friends, all of which are at home in the custom milieu, were definitely enthusiastic about this creation.

And there are also changes in the good living room, that impress. The purple hue continues in the dashboard, the Formula steering wheel, the gear stick, yes even in the speedometer disc. In addition to the exterior mirrors, Gerard also secured the front seats of the Ascona, which offer greater comfort. Who restores a Karmann Ghia, requires a certain ingenuity. In this respect, the arrangement of the additional instruments in a self-constructed center console is no longer unusual, but functional.

So, now a little more that 1,6- Liter engine with a Bosch ignition system and a Weber twin carburetor, Highly polished 15-inch model mounted, and off you go on the road. Gerard has long accepted, to be the focus of interest. Has he parked his Ghia, crowds quickly form; he drives on the highway, faster calibers can be overtaken again after an overtaking maneuver, to see the whole car. This Karmann Ghia just doesn't leave you indifferent, and you can indulge in the past so beautifully.

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