Kraftfahrdrehleiter KL 26

Daimler-Benz chassis MercedesThis motorized turntable ladder KL 26 has been 1935 from Metz, Karlsruhe, delivered to the professional fire brigade Kassel. The structure was based on the Daimler-Benz Mercedes-Benz LoD chassis 3500, equipped with the six-cylinder pre-chamber diesel engine OM 67 With 95 PS at 2000 RPM and 7440 cm3 displacement. (15)

LD-6500 chassis from Daimler-BenzThis motorized turntable ladder KL, which was supplied by Metz to the Nuremberg fire brigade, was enormous 46 with mechanical drive and six-part steel ladder park. It was built on the LD-6500 chassis from Daimler-Benz and was exchanged for seven portable pumps at the Stuttgart fire brigade after the end of the war. (07)

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