Renault 5 GT Turbo, Bj. 85

Renault 5 GT Turbo, Bj. 85No. 5 trembles! “The Renault is just my car!”, says Frank Faesing. 13 The Frenchman now has years on the tin. An old, that one of the top fit bolides – thanks to countless hours of work, which the 27-year-old invested in his car - really doesn't look at it. Resilient instead of rusty, the GT Turbo presents itself in every respect as a crisp cult object in top form. Granted: The R5 is a car with rough edges – but that is exactly what gives it its unmistakable character. “The contours of the R5 arose from a time when good taste and not the dictates of the drag coefficient was required.” As a matter of fact, given the multitude of current models, whose design often resembles a sucked on candy, is a pleasure to see the R5 again. When he rushes cheekily across the slopes in the dress of the little enemy, the R5 blows with its shape to storm the norm: The body shines in a marvelous maritime blue, which by means of Spax complete chassis front and rear 50 mm has been lowered. An Elia Cup-Spoiler, Mattig headlight covers, Spiegel in M3- and a hood in Turbo 2 optics complement the original – Aerodynamik-Parts. Track widening of 10 mm / 30 mm f / h and super shiny PLS Hockenheim wheels in 8 x 13 with 175/50 Dunlop SP 2000 complete the racing outfit. As a real motorsport fan, good looks are not enough for the Neu-enkirchen resident. A lot is stirring under the hood: The thoroughly revised 1400 cc engine (“Many thanks to HJ. The pile”) ensures that performance and appearance match: Special piston, Liners, crankshaft, Cylinder head, Manifold, camshaft, Group A carburetor, Control unit, Hybrid turbocharger, Special coupling, reinforced gear, Pop-Off-Ventile, specially made cooler for charge air, Water and oil – the list of modifications is long, Frank does not want to comment on the effectiveness of these except for a brief comment: “The performance is right.” Aha, so one is not dissatisfied. We really like to listen to the powerful background noise from the Devil exhaust system with 76 mm tailpipe. For Frank, the sporty redesign of the interior was not just a question of aesthetics. With the 300 Raid steering wheel, the GT is simply safe in the hand,

Renault 5 GT Turbo, Bj. 85 2OMP aluminum pedals are easier to pedal, Schroth belts and Sparco full bucket seats provide a firmer hold, and with the Momo gear knob you can change gears more comfortably.

Removing the rear bench seat, laying blue carpeting, the installation of a Mattig cage and, last but not least, the installation of a music system that is worth listening to, created a workplace for the driver, that some would like to have. Here you can fully enjoy the great freedom number 5.

Renault 5 GT Turbo, Bj. 85

Motor: 1400 ccm, Engine completely revised: Special piston, Liners, crankshaft, Cylinder head, camshaft, Group A carburetor, Modified control unit, Hybrid turbocharger, Special coupling, reinforced gear, Pop-Off-Ventile, specially made cooler for charge air, Water and oil, Manifold, Devil exhaust system with 76 mm tailpipe

body: Painting in maritime blue, Cup spoiler from Elia, Headlight covers and lamps v / h from Mattig, Rear spoiler and front mask as well as side skirts from Renault-Sport, M3-look mirror, Engine hood in Turbo 2 look, One-arm wiper

inner space: Rear seats removed, Sparco-Vollschalensitze, Mattig cage, OMP-Alu-Pedale, Momo gear knob, 300 -mm raid steering wheel, Panasonic radio with CD changer, a Sony 4 channel- and a Sony 2-channel power amplifier, Pyle subwoofer and Blaupunkt Blue Magic boxes

landing gear: Spax-Komplettfahrwerk, 50 mm v/h tiefer, Spacers: Front 10 mm and back 30 mm

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