Volkswagen Polo 92 series

Volkswagen Polo 92 seriesBright and mercilessly cool: This Jägermeister polo with 160 hp block is just as pure w / e the high percentage herbal drink – Prost Polo! In the long run, only power helps”, Dandy Schacht thought to himself and planted a hot Golf-Il-16V propellant in his Polo. Attention GTI wolves: The part brings divine 160 PS at 5.800 Tours on the road and catapults the wild Wolfsburg Wutz on breathtaking 250 km / h. So that the magnificent block could even find space in the engine compartment, Dandy and his buddy Steven Bartsch had to rework the manifold thoroughly. Since the propellant is not just powered, but should also inspire with a top look, the two mechanics polished valve covers, Intake manifold and alternator on high gloss. “It was hard work”, remember Dandy and Steven, the one under the sensible signet “Provocation B&S Motorsport” Make car dreams come true. They point it out with pride, that the motor mount is an in-house design. For the exhaust, however, the dynamic duo reached into the richly stocked accessory kit and opted for a Jetex Group A system. The bloodcurdling throbbing of the 90 mm end pipe is guaranteed to loosen any seal! “No half things”, is Danny and Steven's motto, which surrounded the powerful machine with an aggressive sheet metal shell. The door handles have been removed; Muhr mirror, Bonnet extension, Ventilation ribs in the front right fender and a welded-in hump from the Honda CRX as well as attached Golf I wheel arches give the Polo a mercilessly good look. Finally, the company BTL-Autolack dipped the Polo in a cheeky Jägermeister orange. What does the signal color tell us?

Volkswagen Polo 92 series 1I “Gotcha” or “To be nice”? In any case, one should be careful of this masterful hunter. The almost totally stripped interior also shines in body color. A hand-polished Wiechers cage, Alu-rifle plate, Aluminum pedals, BMW M3 seats and a 32 mm Momo steering wheel create an exciting racing atmosphere.

Ready to Run – the Koni chassis (v+h 60 mm deeper) with the fat Dunlop-SP2000-Schluffen everyone is fun, and G40 brakes keep the VW reliably under control even in ticklish situations. If the hunt for wolves and cadets is not the order of the day, the chic image rims are guaranteed to make an impression even when you are leisurely twitching around – that is polo power in perfection.

Motor: Golf-ll-16V mit 1800 ccm. Modified manifold, newly designed engine mount. Valve cover, Hand polished intake manifold and alternator. power: 160 PS at 5800 Rpm. Top speed: 250 km / h.

Exhaust system: Stainless steel compartments, I-tex-Gruppe A (90 mm diameter).

body: Golf-I-wheelchairs. Extended hood, Welded-in hump from the Honda CRX. Door handles removed, JE-Grill, Tailgate converted to a 36 cm license plate.

colour: Body completely repainted inside and out in Jägermeister orange (BTL car paint in Ribnitz).

landing gear: Horses, yellow, v+h 60 mm deeper. Braking from the G40.
Wheels / tires: Image 8×13 AND 15 front and 8 x 13 AND 40 rear with Dunlop SP2000 175/50/13 v+h.
inner space: Aluminum pedals, BMW M3 seats, Rear seat removed, 32he Momo steering wheel, hand-polished Wiechers cage, Footwell lined with aluminum checker plates.

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