Volkswagen Golf III 413PS VW


For Markus Strumple, it has always had to be a bit faster. Vehicles within the norms were boring, and nervousness. So the 26 year old car mechanic has experimented with one in the past 911 RS, one 500 E, dem E 30 Convertible from the Munich engine manufacturer or an RS 2 (that he still drives today). And then it happened: To everyone's surprise, his girlfriend lay down in the spring 1997 a VR6 too, none in just four years 35.000 Had unwound kilometers. Markus brought the newcomer directly under his wing, promised his sweetheart only a few minor modifications, to make the VR6 face stand out from the crowd. So quickly 8,5 and 9 x 17 Porsche Cup rims screwed to the then black three, an H&R-chassis and a Hartmann sports exhaust mounted and on the engine management with a modified chip, Control unit and minor interventions 224 Horses mobilized. It came, how it had to come. Markus’ upkeep became too expensive for the better half, and of course the car enthusiast was there immediately, to willingly take over the VR6. Big things were planned, but a murderous crash initially ended all dreams. “I was pretty down then”, remembers Markus. But this feeling of leaden, paralyzing heaviness did not last long. The Saarlander bought a new body through a friend. And off we went. The VW screwdriver only installed Audi door handles as additions, he also made the Golf look extra angry. The whole thing was in satin silver lacquer (Original VW) submerged, before Markus turned to the drive unit. The latter came from the previously crashed Golf and experienced a slight increase in displacement 2,9 Liter. Newly stored, processed the cylinder head according to all the rules of the art and provided the engine with a Vortec compressor, the Golf barely performed after this fresh cell treatment 300 PS. Everything seemed right – until just one day all the valves tore off.

Off the mouse. But Michael Reithofer with his Golf-2-Bi-Turbo knew what to do. “Do it like me”, recommended the engine freak. Said, done.

A new unit was quickly obtained and equipped with special pistons from Mahle. Of course, another head massage was due, before the two KKK turbochargers found their way into the exhaust housing, everyone knows: When turbo, then maximum cooling. An extra large intercooler was imported from England, the reinforced valves are filled with sodium, and an additional water injection for cooling seemed necessary to Markus. To lower the intake temperature of the charge air, is a nozzle of the water system in front of the charge air cooler inlet, the second placed in front of the throttle valve. Everything, so that the engine does not break out in a sweat during the brute power explosion.

This power also wants to be brought to the streets. A reinforced clutch from a driving school VR6 was just as mandatory as the well-known reinforced TDI transmission, which, together with the differential, found its way into the double turbo, which is now equipped with the longest possible gear ratio.

This is how pace becomes 200 in fifth gear already with gentle 4100 RPM reached. The top speed of the with the bombastic performance of 413 PS tested VR6 shot up to the theoretical – but the value of 296 km / h. Of course, Markus has not yet driven this maximum power – “because of the lowering 270 the driving pleasure decreases rapidly.” Every little bump in the ground lets the Thunderbird's passengers fly against the leather-covered sky, because the H&R coilover kit, that for a lowering of 100 Millimeters is responsible, is relentless.


These Porsche killer qualities naturally want to be delayed again accordingly quickly – after all, not all traffic lights are always green. The larger brake from the 20-year-old GTi ensures an optimal stop, those with near-series, perforated brake discs is fitted. After the completion of the engine power pack and the self-made exhaust system with a pipe diameter of 76,5 Markus was able to devote himself to the visual appearance of his VR6. With a lot of feeling, the fender panels were let down 2,5 Widen centimeters, to the exclusive 9 x 17 rims from the Swiss company Work can be accommodated in the slightly modified wheel arches. For the rubber compound, Markus relied on the tried and tested Dunlop SP 8000, those in size 225/35 / ZR 17 were raised.
Now some minor changes to the exterior. The tailgate presented itself from now on without a wiper, Lock and spoiler, a DTM tank cap was needed and of course the Golf 4 lighting, which, together with the continuous grill and the air slots of a Sierra Cos-worth placed on the bonnet, has significantly changed the front view.


Last but not least, the interior has been given a lot of furniture. The passengers let themselves on noble, Black leather Recaro A8 seats, the pilot's hands grip expectantly into a 30's momo, and his gaze falls on the digital fittings of a 2 series 16V. On the fan openings there are indicators for boost pressure (maximal 1,3 bar) and water pressure the way. Oh yes, there is still the music system to be mentioned. And she's not from bad parents either. Fired by a Sony radio and a CD changer, the Emphaser subwoofer located in a double floor behind the back seat generates rumbling bass tones. The two Portovision power amplifiers and their Rockford brother are emblazoned on a checker plate in the trunk and are protected by plexiglass. A Canton sound package ensures listening pleasure in the front area and in the rear side panels. But the ultimate 6 is only for real fans. “You have to be a real freak”, Markus describes life with the elemental force. Every now and then, burst hoses or other leaks have to be repaired. And that in an engine compartment, which offers technology filled to the brim.

The 413 hp Golf is just a real driving machine. “When you can't fix most of it yourself, it's madness”, confesses the owner of the bolide. But the driving pleasure makes up for everything. The 3 Series from Saarland completes the sprint to the 100 km / h mark in less than five seconds. These are dream times, which otherwise only high-tech motorcycles can achieve. And some sports car drivers have rolled their eyes in disbelief in the past, if a VR6 at pace 240 really pushes again. “There has to be a mighty move forward”, is Markus’ principle.

However, under certain circumstances he would also be ready, to part with his best piece. A new project is already buzzing through his head. But he doesn't want to reveal more yet. We are excited and say hello to Markus’ Of course, Alexander Schmidt each other and little Micha from Düsseldorf were also commissioned.

Type: Golf 3 VR6 • Year of construction: 1992 • Motor: 2,8-Liter VR6 bi-turbo with two KKK chargers, Intercooler, Additional water injection, sodium-filled valves, compression 6,2:1, Mahle special pistons, Cylinder head machining, 413 PS • Exhaust: In-house construction with 76,5 Millimeter pipe diameter • Power transmission: 5-Gang, reinforced clutch, TDi transmission with differential and long gear ratio • Chassis: H&R thread, -100 Millimeter • rims: Firma Work, 9x 17, ET22 • Reifen: 225/35/17Dunlop SP 8000 • Brakes: reinforced brake from the Jubi GTi special model, Perforated panes all around • Other extras: Audi door handles, Evil look, modified front grille without VW logo, Tailgate without lock, Wiper and spoiler; Sierra Cosworth air inlets, Golf 4 lighting, DTM fuel cap, polished aluminum strut bar, black taillights • interior: Digital advertisements (Golf 2 16 V), 30he Momo steering wheel, Additional instruments (Let- and water pressure), Headliner and side panels in leather, Recaro A8 seats covered with leather • Music: Sony radio and CD changer, Emphaser subwoofer behind the back seat, Rockford power amplifier and two Portovision power amplifiers on checker plate under plexiglass in the trunk, Canton sound package in the front area and in the rear side panels

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