Audi A3 97er

Audi A3 97erTuning by PFA, the little one comes out big.

Completely in black – the A3 looks anything but sad. Thomas Flamme and his PFA team have made the A3 attractive with effective tricks. All chrome parts were painted black. Respectively 30 mm all-round fenders create space for the sporty, elegant RH aluminum rims (three-part, 8,5 x 18 front and 10×18 back) With 245/35/18- or. 255/35/18-Silt. 20-mm spacers and a KW coilover kit (minus 75 mm) complete the floor pan. The Ingol-st├Ądter is fired from a 1.8-liter block (DigiTec chip tuning), the considerable one 145 PS balances on the flywheel.

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