New exhaust system for the car

Done quickly and also saved money – When the exhaust is due, it's on your wallet!

But who can do the repair himself, saves a lot of money.

When the four-cylinder suddenly looks like a V. 8 American style sounds, the exhaust is usually broken. Many want to make the exchange as easy as possible – and drive to the express service. For less than 50 The ailing system will be replaced there. But the offers sound better than they are. Because often the low assembly tariff only applies, if the whole exhaust, from the manifold to the muffler, is renewed. This is how you pay for a new system, if only the silencer was broken, and it is not uncommon for a high premium to be added to the spare part. An exhaust system can easily cost twice as much.

A look under the car helps save money: Most of the time you just have to replace the part, that is really broken, and usually gets away with it cheaper. With our car, a VW Santana, we have replaced the whole system, because all essential parts through- or were rusty. costs: 200 Euro.

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