Landrover Defender Out of Africa: A car for the country

Landrover DefenderEven after a short exit, Martin West is himself, Englishman and boss on duty at SELBERMACHEN, convinced: This car belongs as much on the motorway or in the city as a mule. For this he assures us credibly: Both are in the area, Muli and Landy, unbeaten.

And what about do it yourself? The armored car jack behind the driver's seat, the clearly visible welding points on the outer skin, the roughly flanged accessories – all of this awakens the mechanic in us. Still, we're not going to let it go to extremes. After all, no civilians tinker with a “Leopard 2” either. The question remains: So why a Defender? Not, to drive to the hardware store. Maybe for the savannah. Safe to dream. And for sure, to find your way back to a VW Golf.

The Defender's accessories catalog has the strength of a small phone book. This is the M electric winch 6000. That's the game 24 m, traction 2,6 t. In case you have underestimated the depth of a ford.

1 Der Fahrerarbeitsplatz im Defender (defender): Without tachometer & Co., but with a set climate- and ventilation system.

2 Außenspiegel im LKW-Format. If you still miss the cyclist in it, you should consider a visit to the ophthalmologist.

3 Englische Lüftung: per Luftklappen. Simply manual with a lever – but highly effective!

4 Klassischer Schwiegermuttersitz: to fold out on the loading area. Kids love them!

5 Stabil, high torque, no food lover: 122-PS pump nozzle diesel, Five-cylinder.

6 So sehen 60 Years of evolution: Bolt heads, Rivets and visible welding points.

Men don't like soap, they say. Defenders don't like high pressure cleaning, we know that now. Immediately after this photo was taken, the DO-IT-YOURSELF test crew was busy with it, dry up their Defender. No dry run.

Landrover Defender Limited 90
Displacement, power 2,5 Liter, 90 kW (122 PS)
Aussttatung Allrad, ABS, ETC, Diff., Manager,
CD-Radio, Seat heating
consumption: FROM, Test 10 l, 11,52 l (Diesel)
price: Basis, Testmodell 24 700 Euro, 27 700 Euro

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