Volkswagen Golf Cabrio

Volkswagen Golf CabrioHeiko Raupach from Holzwickede-Hengsen knows, what he wants. Instead of getting dressed in a new vehicle every season, He prefers to keep his '84 Golf Cabrio and through many small and large refinement steps, realizes his very personal Volkswagen dream. While the engine and transmission come from a '92 "Schrotti-Cabrio", the car was the first time 1996 in Electronic Green umlackiert, received a new roof and other new parts.

Heiko then caused a slight frontal damage in May, To completely dismantle his strawberry basket again and paint the Golf inside and outside in satin silver. During the preparatory work, all unnecessary holes were welded and all superfluous plastic parts were removed. After the painting work, Heiko swapped the door handles for the rear copies of an old Passat and completed the new openers with servomotors from Clifford. The latter company also supplied the alarm system. After the car was ready to drive again, the music had to be built in.
Because Heiko works in the car hi-fi industry himself, cared a lot for him, to find a sound and optically good compromise of his needs within a very short time. 16 MB quart systems were installed in front and behind, own, Particularly stable door panels were designed and a lot of insulation material was used in the doors for an optimal sound. Four Audison power amplifiers and two 25 mm exact woofers found their new workplace in the trunk. The music is fed in via an Alpine tuner with CD changer. So much for the state of affairs in autumn. One can be curious, how Heikos Cabrio will develop in the upcoming winter.

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