Honda CRX 1.6i 16V Bj.90

Honda CRX 1.6i 16V Bj.90Stark, schwarz! We don't just love the Honda CRX, but also in Belgium. Olala, Tres chic this Honda-genuine Brussels lace!

Luc Sandri earns his baguette as a professional driver. On the road every day – this is a job, the heavy hose. Relaxation in leisure time is all the more popular. For the 31 year olds, a Honda CRX 1.6i 16V is exactly the right balance. But faster, deeper, the Nippon athlete must be stronger. For the Belgian, that's as clear as mussel broth. Make CRX more beautiful? No problem for the driver. After all, the chauffeur is not allowed “swear”: Front spoiler and side skirts from MS-Design, Headlight covers from Mattig as well as a rear wing from ME Edition and a scoop, donated by an Opel GSI – the Honda already looks so sporty. Luc obviously enjoys driving a lot; the eight-year-old Honda is already approaching the 300,000 km mark. The long-distance runner is far from running out of breath. The propellant purrs and growls, and the car goes off like Lumpi! Thanks to Mugen engine tuning, California-Powerrohr, K&N air filter and Supersprint manifold, Luc has also saddled up plenty of additional horsepower. In connection with the H&R coilover kit, that the ED9 60 mm v / h lowered, the Koni dampers and the 7,5 x 17 dycast wheels, The 205/40 Yokohamas are raised on the joy of driving quickly. What a real professional driver is, he knows, that the interior of a car is not just a working station, but also represents a piece of living space, that wants to be designed individually. A wonderful interior in an exciting yellow-black contrast should serve this purpose. With yellow dials from ME-Edition, blackened slices, DTM pedals as well as the steering wheel and gear knob from Racing will definitely not get bored behind the wheel. And as an encore, there's a lot of thunder and glory from the self-made exhaust system with four 90 mm tailpipes. And that makes Luc smile: “It must not be too hot?” Its good, Luc!

Honda CRX 1.6i 16V Bj.90 1Honda CRX 1.6i 16V, Bj. 90
Motor: Mugen-Motortuning, California Parts-Powerrohr, K&N-Air filter, Supersprint manifold, Self-made exhaust with four 90 mm tailpipes

body: One-arm wiper, Antenna offset to the rear, Front spoiler and side skirts from MS-Design, Mattig headlight covers, Hood from the Opel GSI, Rear wing from ME Edition

inner space: Blackened panes, yellow-black interior, Carbon-Decor am Armaturenbrett, DTM-Alu-Pedal, Racing gear knob and steering wheel, yellow dials from ME-Edition

landing gear: Koni damper, H&R-Ge-windefahrwerk 60 mm v/h tiefer
Wheels / tires: Dycast in 7,5 x 17 with 205/40 Yokohama

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