Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle“With the pictures of his 1303 I want to surprise my buddy Johannes. The photos were taken shortly after 1. Int. VW meeting in Bad Neustadt / Saale, where this bug won a special trophy. ”With these words, non-miner J.S.

(further details unfortunately unknown) some photos of the 74er 1303 get, which in addition to an extra-powerful type 4 engine via ATS star rims in 7J or. 9J x 15 and tires in the format 205/50 or. 285/40 disposes. The inside widened Kerscher fenders fall on the body, GRP hood and running boards, tunneled turn signals and a small hot rod mirror. ”Because this beetle was neither me nor my buddy, but belongs to his cousin, the publication should of course surprise him too!“Is hereby guaranteed!

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