Volkswagen Passat Variant 32 B

past variant-Sound is, what comes from behind – and this Passat Variant pounds a lot of steam through the copper cables. High fidelity isn't just under the bonnet, but even more popular with the crash machine in the rear compartment.

The edgy type wants a quiet step to overlook and listen 32 B not be at all – kernig, crisp, strong, Karg owner Martina Kurz has converted her Passat. What that should mean in detail?

Kemig is the sound of the engine. An 1800 four-cylinder with registered 90 PS is supported by a K&N-sport air filter supplied with a mighty fresh wind, and the exhaust system of the five-cylinder from Audi with the 76 mm diameter tailpipe roars discreetly. It also sparkles, It sizzles and shines in two colors under the hood. Martina didn't skimp on clear lacquer and red there. A feast for the eyes!

vw past variantThe chassis of the family carriage is crisp; shortened cone dampers and custom-made H.&R-springs lower the shower wind at the front 110 mm, back around 95 mm from. The wheelhouses had to be widened all around by one and a half centimeters, so that the bulging 16-inch models from CR Autodesign and the 215 Toyo slippers also fit in.

The music is powerful, that comes from the large compartment behind the back seat. The Becker Grand Prix control unit feeds six tweeters with two output stages from RTO and Rockford, eight 16-speaker boxes and six woofers. And with the sound thunderstorm from the trunk not only dancing
the tango rear shield on the tailgate, The two pacifiers on the towing eyelet also flutter wildly back and forth in the boogie baby blues.

The body and interior are barren and tidy. Luxury items such as the i6V antenna and railing are enthroned on the roof, but Martina has saved again on the door handles, there are no more locks. Nothing opens without a remote control. Sporty ambience in the interior: With 32 raid, Light metal pedals and Recaros can be used very differently.
passat bass
Of course, a new paint also had to be found – The station wagon should look subtle and classy. Dark violet is the name of the shiny temptation, that of the Seeger paint shop & Seeger from Wiesbaden ordered.

Owner Martina is particularly proud of one action during the entire renovation. “I tinted the taillights myself together with my husband”, the saleswoman beams “And the nice thing about it is, that we actually got it entered.”

Type: Past Variant, 32 B • Year of construction: 1986 • Motor: 1,8 Liter, 90 PS entered, K&N sport air filter, TwinTec system with increased torque • Exhaust system: completely v. Audi five-cylinder 0 63 mm, Tailpipe0 76 mm • chassis: Custom-made H&R, shortened cone damper, Lowering 110 mm (v) u. 95 mm (h) • Bikes: CR 7 7,5×16 AND 20 (v) u. 9 x 16 AND 15 (h) • Tires (v+h): Toyo 215740/16 • Brakes: internally ventilated v. 16 V (v) u. Disc brake 16 V (h) • modifications: Wheelhouses all around 1,5 cm weighted, Side skirts v. 7is BMW, Jamex hood damper, self-tinted taillights, Mattig lamp strip, Tonungsfolie von Folia Tee, 16V-Antenne, dummy, Bonnet w. Air-brush • Innenraum: Recaro seats (v), 32is Raid Dino, Bi-metal pedals from Folia Tee, Kamei gear knob, Additional fittings, Door handles without a lock, ZV with alarm system • HiFi: Becker Grand Prix control unit, Six-channel power amplifier RTO 65oo 600 Watt, Endstufe Rockford Forsgate Punch 100, Mono 800 Watt, two Axton tweeters, two Infinity tweeters, four 16er Axton, four marathon who kick bass, sechs 25er Axton Subwoofer, RTO-Bass-Aktivweiche, CD changer

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