Vehicles of the Düsseldorf plant fire brigade

Vehicles of the Düsseldorf plant fire brigadeVehicles of the Düsseldorf factory fire brigade Henkel in a photo taken in front of the fire brigade building in the late 1920s. On the left an engine sprayer on a Daimler-Marienfelde-DC-3-dF chassis (45 PS, 7234 cm3 displacement, 30 km / h top speed) with 1500 l / min rear pump and Metz body. The turntable ladder DL shown next to it 25 also comes from Metz and was built on a Benz Gaggenau 3 CND low-frame chassis. The engine specifications were: Four-cylinder carburetor engine, 50/55 PS, 8140 cm3 displacement and 35 km / h top speed.

Three-vehicle fire brigade of the Wiesbaden professional fire brigadeThree-vehicle fire brigade of the Wiesbaden professional fire brigade with a mounted crew. On the left a Benz Gaggenau 3-CN automobile syringe, next to it a 24 m brown wooden balance ladder on the same chassis. The motor syringe shown on the right on an Opel 3.5 t chassis (Four-cylinder carburetor engine, 40 PS, 6240 cm3 displacement) was created on the chassis of the standard truck, which was still from the First World War. The big ones are noteworthy, cobalt blue headlights in front of the windshields of the vehicles.

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