Volkswagen Polo II G40 VW

polo-g40Here comes the absolute evil! We know pulled hoods, but yellow glazed headlights aren't just really mean, but also quite daring. This makes the Polo look like a little monster. And to some people the whole thing seems Chinese too.


Two-seat racer with scrap instead of scrap. The blue cage also conveys a feeling of security!

Ice cookers are not his thing. Despite the China-Eyes. Matthias Hunold from Geseke in the Sauerland region found his field of activity in a 92 Polo G40 in its original condition. The best basis for a three-year construction site.

He should get it under the hood as thick as a fist – the initially inconspicuous 113 Polo horsepower was just the beginning. When the now 27-year-old mechanical engineering student started his project, he probably didn't know yet, that him this leisure time fun – among other things and in addition to conversion costs that have not been calculated – once 16 Would negotiate points in Flensburg. But that's not really supposed to be the topic here!


The first facelift that was due began naturally with one
hood pulled down. And because the lid making was just so much fun, the tailgate was also smoothed. A smaller license plate recess and the removal of the lock were of course no longer an issue. And then of course we must not forget, that Matthias, armed with the brush, buttoned the lenses.

GRP fender flares were incorporated, to build a new home for the 3-part Revo-lution-Classic-Liners. And so that it doesn't get so drafty in this house, Matthias simply pulled the wheel arches for them with the help of a Bilstein chassis 70 mm closer to the rubber. On the front axle he could even more over the cathedral camp 20 mm gain groundedness.

polo g40 wheels

The hobbyist still wanted to feed his car at conventional petrol stations, however should “Screwer's blood” from now on, make your way into the interior of the Polo via a DTM fuel filler cap, to get back into the open at some point through the 90 mm Group A exhaust with CSC rear silencer. The fuel still has to accept a few tiny detours: Before that, it should be for the wedding of K&N filtered air come.

Then the freshly mixed should go through the reworked intake manifold and through polished channels, g-loading from a 65 loader wheel, air-ingetaked and come to a hot party through reworked valves. There the meanwhile highly explosive mixture can have a date with the pistons, in which she gets a punch on the pear at the rapid pace of a Knobloch camshaft (151 Experience PS - that's how it looks from a different perspective!). The Polo doesn't just look evil, he is also angry.


Everything, what could still stand in the way of Matthias from now on, should be put aside from the self-made one-arm wiper. The KPU spoiler lip may help, Which with the already mentioned chassis might even give a mole an exciting afternoon!?

The machinist wanted to steer his two-seater black racer with yellow eyes over a 32cc Momo Corse, a polished gear knob and aluminum pedals.

So that it doesn't pull him off his socks itself, he prefers to sit down straight away in the partially leather covered Recaros, with Schroth's help to stay there at a safe distance from the blue-yellow instruments. Matthias could now watch his only co-driver via the VA inserts, how he feels about that 45 mm thick racing cage. But in the worst case scenario, a fire extinguisher was taken into the equipment.

After two thefts, music will probably only be available again in the next project, when it is called then: Matthias is lying down, and you are chased after it!

Base vehicle: Polo G40 • First registration: 6/92 • Motor: 1,3 Liter G40 with Knobloch sports camshaft, Racimex oil cooler, 65is LaderradChiptuning, Air-Intake, K&N-Air filter, Reworked intake manifold and valves, G-Lader modified; Polished channels, 151 PS •Auspuff: Group A with CSC rear silencer, 90mm • chassis: Bilstein in front: -90 mm, back: -70 mm; Aluminum strut bars • rims: Revolution-Classic-Line 3-part, partially polarized, front: 7J x 13“; back: 8Jx 13 "with 10 mm spacers • Tires: 175/50-13 Dunlop SP2000 • Other extras: DTM mirror, Single arm wiper, closed tailgate (electric), sunroof, Motorchrom, Polished hood lifts, Plastic parts painted, Schroth belts, yellow glazed lenses • Interior 2-seater, Recaro with blue partial leather cover, Momo Corse 320mm, VA cladding, black and blue carpet, RS floor mats, polished aluminum gear knob, 45he Wiechers roll cage, Alupedale, blue-yellow instruments

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