Volkswagen Lupo Deep Blue

Volkswagen LupoWhen this lupo looks at you so poisonously from his flashing eyes, one is quickly convinced of it, that the smallest from Wolfsburg's halls is sly behind the ears or. under the fenders. New RS Car from Ciney in Belgium has set up a copy, that shines with abbot parts and own ideas.

Something for the eye – and only for the eye! – should it be, VW tuner New RS Car had planned. Logically, the number of horsepower played no role in the appearance of this Lupo. Only 60 Diesel horses hum in the deep blue paint “Wolves ". You don't achieve any speed records with it, but the best values ​​for fuel consumption are not without. Ultimately, it is also safer, not having that much horsepower under the hood. After all, it's hard enough, to adhere to the various speed limits always and everywhere. Is not that a contradiction? The designers are presenting us with ever smaller toys, who go off like the devil incarnate, and there are hardly any options left, to teach manners to these infernal devices on public roads. So, that had to be said once.

Volkswagen Lupo1But now to our Lupo. What catches your eye first, is the aggressive appearance of the little rascal. When he stands in front of us "naked" in a serial outfit, it seems almost inconspicuous, yes almost shy. But this deep blue friend knows no restraint. To change the look, a firmer chassis was initially installed, that the Lupo 40 Millimeters. Huii, that looks completely different! A spoiler bumper was mounted in front, the openings of which are filled with a sports grille. Further down there are also front spoiler corners. A massive bumper is used at the rear, in the middle of which sits the DTM-styled Abt exhaust system. The double tailpipes pulled upwards create a hot racing atmosphere. Of course, side skirts were compulsory on the flanks. A strange tuning part is mounted above the rear window, In the middle we can see an additional brake light – and next to it? Are those ailerons?? what, it is a two-part rear spoiler. Something really extravagant. And then the crowning highlight. The wheel-tire combination is really a big thing. 17-Zöller well out of the wheel arches. Hard to believe, but this dimension is not a problem for the Lupo. Even with the tires, it would have been a bit wider. But the 205/40/17 make a powerful impression. The 7-star rim is tailor-made for our deep blue wolf with piercing eyes. He looks beefy, this race power dwarf. We simply leave out the real power of its 1.7 liter machine. But honestly: This performance leaves nothing to be desired. The evil eye is simply superfluous with this Lupo. This optical “muscle car” is already small and mean at first glance. Finally, the interior has been spruced up by the VW sports department with nice accessories. The blue Blaupunkt radio from the Tun Line series naturally catches the eye ”. All in all, a lupo, that attracts curious looks on the streets. Rightly, because when do you see a copy of this quality?, that rolls on 17-inch wheels?

Volkswagen Lupo3Type: VW Lupo SDi • Motor: 1,7 Liters of diesel with 60 PS • Exhaust: Abt-DTM-Style • Power transmission: Standard • Chassis: Sports suspension, -40 Millimeter • rims: 7 x 17 • Tires: 205/40/17 • Interior: VW sports equipment • Other: Spoiler bumper with add. Spoiler corners, Sports grid, Side skirts, Blaupunkt Radio Tun Line ”

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