All-rounders on the fast track

It happens all the time: What went on the shopping cart, don't want to go in the trunk. Small delivery vans are ideal transport partners – and sparkling on top of that.

You are small, extremely economical and offer a seemingly endless luggage compartment. Small delivery vans have been part of everyday traffic in southern European countries for decades. With us, too, the proportion of small delivery vehicles in the total number of cars is growing steadily. In line with the growing popularity of this type of vehicle among handicraftsmen and DIY enthusiasts, almost all manufacturers offer one , Space miracle. These vehicles are based on small cars, which have been asserting themselves on the market for a long time. For example, Opel derives the combo from the successful Corsa, Ford uses the qualities of the Fiesta for the Courier.

In the past, delivery vans were often purely commercial vehicles – and accordingly spartan -, the current representatives will also have high demands on driving comfort, Equipment and security fair. Without diminishing the good price-performance ratio, equipment features are adopted from the passenger car sector.

That's how electric windows are today, Power steering, Central locking and even ABS and airbags are no longer a luxury even in small delivery vans. The loading volume of the five models presented here is considerable, it achieves with 2450 to 3200 Liters of stately dimensions. This makes these cars ideal for delivery trips or for transporting work equipment. Different construction variants make them versatile.

The cargo holds of these current models have been improved by many details compared to their predecessors. Practical storage compartments, Eyelets for lashing, Load space grids and practical rear doors are a matter of course.

With so much convenience and comfort, small delivery vans are absolutely acceptable. So far only company vehicles, they now offer an alternative to limousines or station wagons for DIY enthusiasts too.

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