Which mistakes you can easily avoid – This is how your car gets through the TÜV

Every two years car owners get a queasy stomach: The TÜV is due. Half as bad! Who properly prepares his favorite piece for the examination, need not fear the diagnosis.

Technical inspection body, Dekra or TÜV: Every two years, the first time after three years for new cars, will be the main inspection (HU) due to the approved institutions.

During this test there is a sight- and function check carried out. Wheels and tires, Exhaust system, Brakes, electrical system and lighting, Chassis and axles, steering, The body and parts of the equipment such as license plates and mirrors are checked.

A worrying appointment for many, not only for owners of older vehicles, the examination is often connected with repairs. Make while looking at the seal of approval – on the license plate on the back of your car – fest, that the date is approaching – the number in the center circle indicates the year, the above number indicates the month -, you can prepare your car for it yourself.
A thorough wash, including the underbody and engine compartment, makes checking easier for the inspector and also lifts his mood. Assure yourself, whether the chassis number can be identified – The legibility of old vehicles is often impaired by rust or new paintwork. It continues with the electrical system: Do all lighting systems work, including any additional lights? The glasses must be undamaged, Reflectors must not be matt or rusty. A tip: You can check the function of the taillights without outside help, when you place your car in front of a bright house wall or a shop window.

The correct setting of the main headlights can be done by a workshop or petrol station for little money, the necessary test equipment is available there. The annual emissions test can also be carried out on this occasion (AT) be made.

Another tip for a repair job: Erteilen

Do not give your workshop or petrol station a flat-rate contract for the upcoming repairs according to the motto "Make the car TÜV-ready." This can be "misunderstood" as a request for a general overhaul. And what does a general inspection cost? The cheapest providers are TÜV and Dekra: There it costs about 60 or. 75 Euro. The acceptance in an independent workshop becomes more expensive, there will be 80 to 100 Euros due. So it's best to first take the good piece to TÜV or Dekra – and maybe that's what it says: Have a good trip for the next two years.

Tips from the TÜV inspector

A car that is clean all round signals that it is in good general condition and makes visual inspection easier for the inspector.

For an approved vehicle, the vehicle registration document must be available for verification, the vehicle registration document for decommissioned vehicles.

First aid cabinets, The warning triangle and, in the case of company vehicles, the warning vest are part of the mandatory equipment of a car.

The tread depth of the tires may 1,6 mm, For your own safety we recommend at least 3 mm.

A general operating permit is required for special accessories such as rims and sports steering wheels (ABE) required.

A leaky exhaust leads to a complaint: Noise development and possibly increased pollutant emissions are environmentally harmful.

Functional windshield wiper blades provide a clear view and contribute to active road safety.

You can easily check the lighting and electrical system yourself. It is best to leave the adjustment of the headlights to a specialist workshop.

Long waiting times don't have to be: Make an appointment by phone or go to the HU first thing in the morning. You can get a cup of coffee from us.

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