Now is the time for the battery check

It works in secret and does its job there unobtrusively. However, car batteries sometimes resent their lack of attention. Frequent journeys in city traffic and switched on consumers such as lights, The radio and windshield wipers are pulling on the power reserves of the battery, frosty temperatures do the rest. Some tips on care and maintenance.

Use the open-end wrench to loosen the battery terminals. Always disconnect the negative pole terminal from the vehicle electrical system first!
Never work on stuck pole terminals with a hammer! After loosening the nut, spread the clamp open with the help of a screwdriver blade.
Corrosion on the poles also makes fresh batteries look old: Clean the poles with fine sandpaper and then grease all round with pole grease.

battery empty? When nothing moves anymore, a jump start cable helps (here in a practical case), used to tap into another car's battery.
The charge status of the battery can be checked quickly and easily with the help of an acid spindle. Attention, Battery water contains corrosive sulfuric acid!
Fresh cell treatment for the battery: Who has to charge a battery more often, it is worth buying a charger for them. A charging capacity of 4 to 6 Ampere is enough.

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